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Exocet 2

For time-trialists and triathletes, our new Exocet 2 frame is the quickest bike we've ever made. If you can't go fast on this you might as well take up flower-arranging.

You can get your handson your new bike HERE.

And the first frames and forks HERE.

We made extensive use of computational fluid dynamics in designing the Exocet 2 to cut through the air, an engineering modelling technique that's as effective as wind tunnel testing, but doesn't cost thousands of quid an hour. We think you can live without pictures of guys in white coats looking at instrument panels and fans if it means you get a world-class time trial frame for less.



Experts like the testers at 220 Triathlon magazine raved about our original Exocet. "Even just clipping in and rolling off, the Exocet felt fast," they said.

"On a fast, twisting descent, the impeccable and responsive handling of the Exocet gave us the confidence to stay low and let fly. On to a fast, rolling stretch of road and, shifting slickly up and getting the big top gear turning, the Exocet really took off. We couldn’t quite believe the speeds we were hitting and maintaining."

The Exocet 2 carries on the Exocet's winning design and adds improved cable routing for better aerodynamics and ease of maintenance, and a bit more tyre clearance. You can now use 23mm tyres for comfort on long courses.

Like our N2a road race frame, the Exocet 2 was designed in collaboration with renowned Italian bike designer Roberto Billato, a frame-builder and carbon fibre specialist with over 30 years' experience. Roberto's unrivaled knowledge of carbon fibre design and construction means you can depend on the Exocet 2 to get you to the finish line fast for years to come.


grey exocet


  • Profiles based on US National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) system for optimized aerodynamics.
  • Integrated fork/down tube- gets the air flow nicely around the fork and over the downtube
  • Taper-steerer aerodynamic fork for low drag and better handling on twisty courses
  • BB30 bottom bracket for maximum rigidity and power transfer
  • Seat clamp is flush with the top tube improving both aesthetics and aerodynamics.
  • Rear gear cable is fully internal
  • Supplied with aero seatpost and clamp.


exocet geo

9 January 2012


  • Patrick

    I know it will fit 23mm tires, will it also clear 23mm rims with clinchers? Thanks

  • Jon

    Hi Planet X, Does the color white silver Exocet 2 has a glossy finish paint?

  • Heinz

    Yes it is! You'll need a BB30 Threaded Adapter 68mm.

  • bernardo

    cuanto cuesta B/.xxx, me interesa comprarla en panama

  • alan Lloyd

    Solved one problem,found that their is a fitting centre in Tunbridge Wells that has just opened (strange it is not stated on Planet X site) I was looking at Time trialing forum and there were afew instances of cabling problems.Is still an issue or has it been sorted out?

  • alan lloyd

    I am completely confused about frame size.I am 5'9 (175cm0 with inside leg 32" 981 cm) with a long Femur.I have phoned up technical services and they say I am between a Medium and Large (but advised medium) whilst another member of a fitting team advised me to get a small. I live down South,so it is a long way to jump on a bike to see if the sizing is OK

  • Rick Draper

    Interested in finding out if the frame will be compatible with DI2?

  • Christophe

    Hello , I want to buy the new exocet 2 , I had the flying fish in a size M before it is the same size for exocet 2 ????? Christophe ( France )

  • NunoT

    I saw the initial photos with the planet x logo´s (white on black frame) and I liked this version. will be available?

  • Chris C

    Will, I had a similar question (see below). If you rode a small Exocet, you will need Medium in Exocet 2.

  • Will

    Just checking with those sizes; on a Stealth I fit a size small, obviously the geometry is slightly different but would that still correspond to a small on the new exocet?

  • lindsay

    is it compatible with Campag Record 2007 groupset please ?

  • waynec

    think i will stick to my original exocet, cant handle any more PB`S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnS (Planet X Team)

    Hi Fio - yes it will take 23mm tyres.

  • Fio

    Hi. Will 23mm wheels fit this frame?

  • Chris Cook

    I'm confused! Customer service told me the planet X logos's will be white, however Matt W mentioned black on black and there are photo's of both versions. I like both; however can someone please confirm what colour the logo's will be?

  • RichardD

    Are you not offering the Black version that you have in the photos on this page? Disappointed as thats the paint scheme I wanted.

  • PaulB

    £899 just for the frame? Sooooo tempted

  • MattW (Planet X Team)

    Strange you should say that, we just got the Super Stealthy black/black paint job in it's lovely.

  • simon k

    Nice... any chance of a black-on-black "stealth" version? Also, does it fit 23C tyres?

  • ChrisC

    Thanks Matt.

  • MattW (Planet X Team)

    yes these sizes are correct and yes what was medium is now large

  • ChrisC

    apart from the changes to the headtube the geometry is much the same as the original Exocet? Can we please have some clarification with the sizes - according to the geometry chart, a Large Exocet2 replaces a medium Exocet 1, XL replaces L etc etc. I hope the E2 geometry chart is correct as I've just pre-ordered a size L whereas previoulsy it would have been a medium with the original Exocet.

  • Ben

    Wow thats a lot! Does that mean that under UCI sanctioned events such as the BTTC it wouldnt be allowed?

  • BrantR (Planet X Team)

    UCI testing requirements cost $15,000. I don't think this is money well spent right now for us. But in time, who knows.

  • Gareth

    The Pre buy price is £899.99 when i looked today

  • Ben

    Looks great, is it UCI legal?

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