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Sarto has arrived

Sarto has arrived

We've been working for over a year with Sarto, and our top level sponsored athletes, to get these frames, and bikes to production. We've gone through extensive sampling processes, cable guide revisions, frame tube alterations, and we're now ready to launch them, at a price that blows the rest of the industry to bits, the Planet X Mondo.

Sarto made their name in a situation that happens a lot. Pro riders signed for a team, unhappy with their stock model bike. It's a secret of the peleton, but the truth is out there - Sarto make the frames for lots of pros, who them have them sprayed up to look like their sponsors bikes.

Why do the pro's beat a path to Sarto's door? Because of the way that they can truly CUSTOM build a carbon frame, not just with the tube shapes to deceive the journalists, but also the geometry to allow the rider to get the position on the bike they want, the material to allow the weight to be optimised, and the layup to ensure the bike rides exactly how they want it - yeah - with that "lateral stiffness and vertical compliance" that everyone wants from a bike.

We have used our well proven and much loved Nanolight geometry to base the bikes sizing around. The Nanolight has been our best selling high performance frame to date, and we're very happy with the proportional geometry on it, and we understand how it would be desirable for a Nanolight rider to easily make a swap to a Mondo, with the extra performance gains it would give them, but with the same geometry so that contact points are familiar.

So we're pleased to announce the first fruits of that labour - The Planet X Mondo frameset, and the Planet X Mondo SRAM Red K-Force complete bike.

4 July 2012

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