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Sportcrafters Rollers In Stock Now

Sportcrafters Rollers In Stock Now

The winter season is where the hard miles and bike time are done to lay the base for the season ahead. Preparing your bike and mind for the races and rides in the new year will reap benefits for the enthusiastic rider, just like our head mechanic Mark Lovatt is showing you here.

Turbo trainers are a popular off-season training aid for many riders, but rollers are a regular favourite amongst pro and top level amateur riders, building suppleness, training rider skills due to the high degree of talent needed to stay upright.

Whats that? How hard can it be to ride on a set of rollers on a bike? Whilst it's not like blind tightrope walking, certainly there's a skill involved in keeping steady on your rollers as speed increases, let alone some of the skill required to do tricks like one leg, one hand, and wheelies (videos coming soon).

Sportcrafters rollers are available from our online shop here.

15 November 2012

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