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Offers of the week

Offers of the week
There are the ultimate luxury, supremely comfortable and perfect for chilly mornings and early evenings, these merino armwarmers are a must have garment for every cyclist. 
We have set the price at a silly level, a company called e*dur* sell the same product from the same factory for a jaw breaking seventeen quid! You be the judge! 
A large choice of designs of our just - in merino socks, perfect for winter riding and just luxury on your toes. Check out the designs and make your choice, truly the ultimate Christmas gift.
As above but a thinner sock with slightly less padding. Perfect for those tighter fitting shoes and when you want to feel the sensation of the pedals. 
The classic coolmax cycling sock - at this price don't worry about losing them. It's getting silly and just a great cycling sock. 
We have our house brand Phaart lights arrived back in stock last week; a veritable assortment of lumen packed superb value retina busing lights tested by riding to Rawtenstall and back in the dark and cold. Our first batch of lights sold out in around a week don't miss out this time, be quick and stay safe on the roads this winter.
We are proud of our Yorkshire roots - share our pride with a fantastic price of only £9.99 for our full zip short sleeve on-one jersey. 
If you are going to wear our jerseys and promote our brands we are going to sell these jerseys below our cost.  Show your allegiance! 
Its a non too subtle design but at £9.99 you can live with it and show our colours on the road.
If a job is worth doing you need the right tools, this really is a top christmas gift for your cycling tinkering friends. Or for your car, or workshop. This kit is packed with quality tools to help you fix and maintain your bike.

7 December 2012

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