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Baselayers for when its freeezzzzinnngggggg

Baselayers for when its freeezzzzinnngggggg

Featured bargains for when its fffffffrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeezzzzziiiiinnnnggg - BASELAYER BARGAIN BUSTERS TO BEAT THE ELEMENTS

OK - so its getting cold, in fact its getting very cold. So you can either close the curtains, lock the doors and spend your Christmas holidays watching the telly, eating chocolate, sitting on the sofa or you can sort yourself out and get prepared. 

Beating the elements isn't hard, in fact winter riding, running, training and generally getting outdoors is great fun, it's invigorating and stimulating so just sort yourself out, you just need to beat the elements. Here are our top 3 featured products, start at the base-layers, and look after the extremities, then block out the wind and you will be good to go, warm, dry, and enjoying the fresh air not suffocating indoors! Here's our pick of the pops.

These are made in Italy and really rather perfect - especially if you are not a merino wool fan. Breathable, anti-bacterial, compression fits so its basically simply supremely comfortable and just lovely to wear and incredibly quickly drying. Available in black or white. 
Even better is the price - we bought them on a closeout clearance earlier this year so they are a wallet saving 14.99. 
Also made in Italy and as used by the Liquigas team. You need a fine figure or just big balls to wear these as they are body hugging. But this is our pick of super functional high collar, insulating, breathable, doesn't smell, graze resistant, no pilling, environmental friendly - is there anything this garment cannot do? It will even clean the house, look after the kids and wash the pots.*
Its our favourite merino baselayer for when you have the hammer down, only 150g so a bit lighter than the more popular 200g and with a coolmax mesh back to wick away the sweaty back. Unfortunately these are already out of stock in smalls and mediums so if you need a large, xl, or xxl you still have time. 
*May not actually wash the pots.

14 December 2012

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