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Turbos and Rollers Feature and Offers

Indoor training? Shouldn't real cyclists ride all day every day, wind or rain or shine... Well no. Turbos and rollers offer you the chance to fine tune your training and torture themselves in the darkness of a dank cellar or back bedroom. It's all different. Turbo's typically are good for aerobic high intensity work outs. Rollers are amazing for building skills and core strength and suppleness.

Here's what some of our customers thought:-

Turbo - rollers might be less dull, but they're hardly "fun" at least with the turbo you can have the telly on and just switch off and pedal... TOBY WILKINSON - FACEBOOK

Turbo cause I'm getting over a broken femur - @MariaCostello - twitter

Because you don't have to concentrate so much and its highly unlikely you'll fall off! - @maboy1981 - twitter
I find rollers give more body and bounce. A turbo acts as a good dryer but would need a good diffuser to get anywhere near the results of it's competition. - PAUL GRANT - Facebook

Because the fear of ending up mortally wounded keeping me focussed  - ANDY JACKSON - Facebook

The sensation of speed the ability to fall off without trying @craigc - twitter

So... imagine the best of both worlds.
Resistance of a turbo when you want it? The smooth running and skill development of rollers.
Then imagine all that, with a free accessory pack worth nearly £70, a set of rollers with a lifetime warranty...

SportCrafters Progressive Resistance Aluminium Roller + Gifts - £299

These are no normal rollers. These are the ones that can make you work harder. Smooth running, or set them up with a progressive resistance kick that increases with your speed. Just like riding on the road.

They're the ultimate rollers - there's no doubt about it. Exclusive to Planet X, with a lifetime warranty, these are the rollers that keep rolling. Balanced, smooth, perfect, reliable. After Mark Lovatt spent a winter season training on them for evaluation, we can say we're totally confident in their production methods and the durable quality of the rollers and frames. Awesome kit.

Yes - this offer is for the uprated "Progressive Resistance" set up which means you get a smooth running, roller style workout, but with builds a power profile with speed that comes as close as possible to real-road conditions.

For a limited period we're offering this Roller Training Pack - with a total value of nearly £70 - totally free when you buy a set of the SportsCrafters Progressive Resistance Rollerset.
The training pack features all the essentials you need to get the most from your new rollerset, consisting of:-
    •    SportsCrafters training mat - to keep sweat, chain debris, and tire marks off the floor
    •    Red Level Star T shirt - for indoor workouts, it's perfect.
    •    A Planet X Cycling Cap - stops the sweat dripping in your eyes.
    •    A Tacx Bio Waterbottle - you can't have too many water bottles.
    •    Button Hole Chamois cream - to keep you running smoothly.

SportsCrafters were formed in 1996, their mission is to lead the roller industry in affordable quality with refreshing new designs. Everything is manufactured at their small Granger shop with precision manufacturing equipment. They have sold our products under many private labels, so any similarity of their products to other brands is not coincidence. They develop their own designs and build most of their own tooling. All production machines are meticulously maintained and calibrated for precision. They purchase raw materials in high volume directly from local U.S. steel mills, extrusion mills, and injection molders to maintain high quality consistency.
Head to our site right now to order your set of the best rollers around, with a free pack worth nearly £70.

NOT CONVINCED BY ROLLERS? We have some options for you...

TURBOS are perfect for doing very accurate conditioned training. They also build amazing levels of pain tolerance and concentration as you fight the ticking clock that can't count down those intervals fast enough. We are the UK's biggest seller of turbo trainers and have models to suit all pockets and requirements. We carry models from Elite, JetBlack and Tacx.

17 December 2012

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