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Buyers Guide to Gloves

We've recently expanded our range of Planet X and On-One gloves and there are now over 20 different models to choose from. This week all the gloves below have at least 50% saving on RRP's, starting from only £2.99! But which model should you choose, and which gloves are the best choice for which application?

Applying the Planet X direct sales - direct attitude business model to the cycling glove market has been hugely satisfying and we are proud to offer great quality gloves at realistic prices. As always we are passing our savings on to you, and offering unbeatable value that helps you to get cycling!

This guide will take you through the main features, uses, pros and cons of some of our most popular models. It makes sense to use the right glove for the right application so plan for the year ahead and buy a selection. Currently most sizes and colours are in stock but be warned they will sell fast, and these prices cannot last forever!

Winter Gloves:

Planet X Winter Gloves SalePlanet X Winter Gloves- Were £16.95 Now £4.99
Save 70%

The original Planet X Winter Gloves are a windproof, warm, water restistant classic. Simply amazing value Windtex gloves! Half the office staff have been riding these for a couple of years and love them, although it should be noted they do size up small. Warm enough for the coldest of winter rides but still fine enough for those fiddly tasks.
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Planet X Winter Gloves SaleOn-One Ribbed Protector- Were £24.99 Now £6.99
Save 72% 

Save a massive 72% on these windproof multi purpose gel gloves. Aside from a name full of innuendo the Ribbed Protectors are one of the most useful allround gloves in our range- warm, comfortable and very well fitting.
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Planet X Winter Gloves SalePlanet X Wind Block Gloves- Were £19.99 Now £9.99
Save 50% 

Our latest windproof all purpose cycling goves are pre-curved for a perfect fit. For late autumn and winter when the temperature drops, these will keep your hands toasty on those winter rides and daily commutes. They also feature reflective seems to make sure you're seen on the road.
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Planet X Winter Gloves SalePlanet X Insul8or Gloves- Were £24.99 Now £9.99
Save 60% 

Toasty warm softshell winter gloves featuring 70g Thinsulate insulation. Perfect for cold, crisp, early morning rides. Warmer than the wind proof gloves, but not as wind resistant- perfect for still, cold mornings where maximum warmth is needed! Superb value even at the RRP, these will sell out very fast.
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Planet X Winter Gloves SalePlanet X Deluge Gloves- Were £29.99 Now £14.99
Save 50% 

Multi-purpose fully waterproof winter gloves- warm, well fitting and great looking. Order a size up and wear in conjuction with a pair of Thinny's for the ultimate all weather combo. These have been tremendously popular and are selling out fast so don't miss out!
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Multipurpose and Mid Season Gloves:

Planet X All Weather Multipurpose Gloves SalePlanet X Thinny Gloves- Were £9.99 Now £2.99
Save 70% 

Superb value multi purpose fleece liner with grippy silicon fingers. Use as a liner in any glove to increase warmth, or perfect as a think standalone glove in warmer climes. Also available in an On-One version. Incredible value!
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Planet X All Weather Multipurpose Gloves SaleOn-One Sensation Gloves- Were £29.99 Now £9.99
Save 66% 

Great deal on these soft shell gloves that are perfect for road or MTB use. Plenty of control and a feel of connection with the bar. Available in two understated colour schemes- black and grey, and black and red.
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On-One Trail MTB Gloves SaleOn-One Trail Head Gloves- Were £24.99 Now £9.99
Save 60% 

The best value multi condition, hard wearing, high protection MTB trail glove on the market. Featuring just the right amount of gel inserts and a tacky, slicon palm for great grip in all conditions. 
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Planet X Autumn and Spring Cycling Gloves SalePlanet X Softshell Flanders- Were £24.99 Now £12.49
Save 50%

Perfect for Spring and Autumn riding, a Flandrian inspired glove that is soft, and supremely comfortable to enhance your riding pleasure. Available in subtle plain black or stylish black and white. 
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Summer Gloves:

Planet X Summer Cycling Mitts SalePlanet X Fit Mitts- Were £12.99 Now £4.99
Save 62% 

The classic road riding mitt with gel tech palm and superbly comfy anatomic design. These measure up to other manufacturers' top of the range gloves which cost several times more. They are one of those unquestionable Planet X must have buys. Available in black, blue and black and red and black.
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Planet X Summer Cycling Mitts SalePlanet X Race Gloves- Were £19.99 Now £4.99
Save 75% 

Credit crunch busting deal on these lightweight, advanced technology summer race gloves. Gel insert and all the features of the classic Fit Mitts with added race specific features and an even better sale price! Available in black, blue and black and red and black.
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Four Seasons Bundle:

Cash in big time on this super value bundle comprising of:

Planet X Softshell Flanders Gloves, Planet X Fit Mitts, Planet X Wind Block Gloves and the new Planet X Overshoe Zip. Yes, a glove for each season plus an advanced winter overshoe for just £29.99 saving a whopping £57.97 on the combined RRP of £87.96. You know we're famous for our bundles- and you know why! Get in there while all sizes and colours are still in stock!

Was £87.96 Now £29.99 Save 66%

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Planet X Four Seasons Bundle Sale 

Sizing Advice: 

Sizing Planet X and On-One gloves is easy as all models (with one exception!) have a standard sizing and fit accross the range. Each glove has a sizing guide attached on it's web description, so it should be a case of measure up once and then choose away. Note that the Planet X Winter Gloves do size up smaller, so be aware to order a size larger than with the other models.
Planet X Gloves Sale 


24 January 2013

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