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Why Buy Cycle Specific Socks?

Why buy proper cycling socks and which ones should you buy? People ask us this all the time so we thought we should share the knowledge. And at the same time tell you about some of the best bike sock buys anywhere on the web...

Winter Rides Need Not Mean Cold Feet:

For a quick trip to the pub in summer your "3 for a tenner" Next black cotton socks will work well. You will arrive with feet clearly on the end of your legs, feeling in all toes, and (weather permitting) not too sweaty. However, on long rides, or when the weather turns, the importance of proper sock wear can become uncomfortably apparent very quickly. In winter, feet are the first thing to get cold, and there is nothing worse than cold feet on the bike. With all your blood being pumped to your leg muscles, feet quickly turn into lumps of ice, sometimes literally, especially if they get wet too. 

Sweaty Feet Are Also Horrible:

Equally, in hot summer weather, feet get hot and sweaty. Riding in wet, sweaty socks just isn't nice. Wet feet easily succumb to blisters because the skin is softer. Stiff cycling shoes are great for power transfer but equally any movement around the heel can add up to nasty sore patches on long rides. And wet or damp socks serve only to make that worse. 

What Proper Cycling Socks Can Do For You:

Try doing 100miles in normal socks, then do the same distance in cycling socks and you will discover they're so much more comfortable. Proper cycling socks don't bunch up or slide down, have plenty of padding around the toe and ankle and are shaped to snuggly accommodate your feet in a pedalling position. In addition, they're only made highly wicking materials that help keep your feet in good nick whatever the weather. Remember, no feet, no legs...

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Coolmax or Merino?

Our ranges of Planet X and Save Our Soles cycling socks are manufactured in Coolmax and Merino wool- both are superb technical fabrics with clearly different applications.

Save Our Soles Coolmax SocksCoolmax is a legendary performance fabric that excels in moving sweat away from the skin and out through the fabric where it can evaporate quickly.

This allows the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable, and is perfect for warm weather use. The On-One Thinny Coolmax is rapidly becoming a classic. Plus in addition we stock a vast selection of designer Save Our Soles Coolmax that range from the understated to the obsurb.

On-One Thick Merino SocksMerino wool on the other hand is the fabric of choice for cool and cold weather use. Known as a miracle material, it's a natural finely woven wool that's highly wicking, soft to the touch and hugely warm. It also naturally reduces odours- perfect for socks! Planet X and One One's Thinny and Thicky Merino socks are fast becoming industry leaders- offering down to Earth mega value on mid and heavy weight 100% Merino socks that literally cut the market in half.


Now Is The Time To Buy:

At Planet X we follow a no frills, no excesses pricing policy and this is keenly reflected in our current sock deals! With Coolmax socks multi packs starting at the equivalent of just £2 a pair and Merino from just £3.33 it's time to treat your feet to some luxury and stock up. You will be surprised at how much difference they make.

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24 January 2013


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