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Planet X and Powerbar have a very long and successful history together. Our Founder Dave Loughran was Powerbar's first export customer way back in the dim mists of time, realising that if he bought five boxes of Powerbars from the USA, and sold four to his mates, he could have one for free. It was this logic that built Planet X in the early days...

Powerbar have moved on too from their bar-only programme of back in the day and have a full range of contemporary technical products for use before, during and after exercise. 

Here's a run down of the product we're offering, and what they can do for you.

Powerbar Energise Bars
ENERGIZE bars are a great choice before and during sport to deliver a scientifically developed combination of different carbohydrate sources. They pack well, can be eaten even after lying in the bottom of a seat pack for weeks and can help "get you home" when you're blown to bits and been hit by a man with a big hammer.
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Powerbar Energize Sports Shots
Imagine super jelly babies. Jelly babies so strong and powerful that they'd fight their way out of the packet. That's what these are like. Nine bite sized gel filled super blasters that pick you up out of the gutter and kick your lazy ass down the road. 
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Powerbar NATURAL Long Lasting Energy

Say Cacao! There. It's all ok now. Like some sort of super mega crazy flapjack stuff, this is a properly formulated energy bar made of real things not space dust and pixies. Oats and raisins and that sort of thing. Still rammed with fast acting calorific magic though. 
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Powerbar PowerGel Fruit
Based on fruit juices, these are a more natural tasting gel compared to some out there. An excellent way to keep refuelled in long events, you can knock these back every 30mins to keep your legs going round. Scientifically concocted to be easily digestible. Probably could be spread on toast too. Maybe.
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Powerbar PowerGel Original
With balanced electrolytes - these are a palatable top-tech to get you refuelled and up to speed, and keep it there. Easy handy tear of pack that is easy to digest and get in your mouth even when you're fully on the rivet.  
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Powerbar Protein Plus 30% 
Vital for rebuilding bodily functions after training and racing, this packed protein bar refuels you in a way that nothing else can. With two flavours to choose from and a delicious texture, this will keep your strength building and not push you over the edge.
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Powerbar Ride
With it's peanut and caramel flavour you'd not think you could run a "Marathon" on these. Stop "Snickering" at the back… this is a performance bar that has all the appeal of a regular choccy bar from the shop, but is much better for you. And it's far less embarrassing to buy a box of 18 online. Nom nom nom…
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21 February 2013

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