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Over 50 Vintage Frames in Stock

The SAB Treasure Trove is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase classic, unused New Old Stock vintage steel frames and now there are over 50 to choose from from only £149.99. These are absolutely unique, beautifully hand built and lovingly chromed and hand painted Italian frames crafted from premium steel alloys by the likes of Dedacciai and Columbus...

It's not every day that such a comprehensive lot of pro quality period road frames gets unearthed, but a recent trip to Italy proved more fruitful than we could have ever imagined... These frames have been gathering dust in SAB's warehouse essentially since aluminium came in sometime in the early '90's. Of course, nowadays many people prefer the "real" ride qualities of steel. Unquestionably in terms of design, aesthetics and pure engineering prowess it is hard to improve on what we have here- from an era many call the "golden age" of frame design.

All are one off individual frames, and all will build up into eye catching and very lovable vintage road, touring, commuter of fixie bikes. Whether you go for a budget run around frame like this SAB Dedacciai Due at only £149.99, a mid price stunner like this Columbus Genius Nivacrom at £349.99, or go the whole hog and take away one of our three super rare Cinelli Super Corsa frames from £799.99 you will not be disappointed.

View the full range here and Buy Now from Only £149.99!

View the full range here and Buy Now from Only £149.99!

22 February 2013

SAB Frames

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