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Introducing the New N2A Range

The new Planet X N2A is the most serious technical road bike we've ever produced- a competition level advanced aero carbon machine that takes key performance meters like stiffness, power transfer and aerodynamics to new levels of achievement.

It's not for everyone though... Want something for for easy long days in the saddle? Then you should look for our new RT58 Sportive frame. Want a do-it-all highly versatile super smooth speed machine? Try our RT57 Race bike. If you're still reading, this one is for you - the N2A is a pure symbol of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of speed ever forwards. And it's available to buy now from just £1999.99...

Like the Exocet 2 time trial frame, N2A was designed in collaboration with renowned Italian bike designer Roberto Billato, an Italian frame-builder and carbon fibre specialist with over 30 years' experience. Roberto's unrivalled knowledge of carbon fibre design and construction means you can depend on the N2a to offer you amazing performance. With input from Planet X designer Brant Richards and former Irish national team manger Frank Campbell, plus hands on testing and evaluation from former pro Mark Lovatt, this new frame is truly a coming together of great minds with one common goal- to make the fastest Planet X road bike ever produced.

The N2A is a radical departure from the hugely successful Nanolight frame that inspired its acronymical name. Low-slung racy geometry combined with an extremely responsive and highly tuned chassis makes it super stiff- and super efficient- a no compromise piece of bicycle design and engineering that looks as sharp as it rides. Road CC reviewed one of the first production models, reporting positively on the bikes immense stiffness and snappy handing, concluding: "It’s an exciting bike. I like a bike that responds quick, steers fast and accurately, and can hang out with the fast boys in a sprint." 

It's perhaps the one frame we're most happy with. But a tour winning road bike is more than a frame alone- and our the N2A models have been designed and specified with a level of equipment higher than the price points would normally demand. At just £1999.99 for the SRAM Force version, award winning Planet X 52mm Carbon Clincher wheels are specced as standard. No upgrade required. Surely only Planet X can offer you this bike below the two grand mark?

Upgrade to the SRAM Red model at £2499.99 and take advantage of the world's most decorated pro level groupset, Carbon Tubular Wheels and a level of finishing kit worthy of a competition bike of the highest pedigree. This is no ordinary bike. It's a bike that's designed to win- with no compromises along the way.
Embark on your journey to victory here...

Buy the Planet X N2A Bike from Only £1999.99 and become a part of road biking's aero revolution.

Check out our video taking you through the finer aspects of this new model here.

May the best man (or woman) win...


Buy the Planet X N2A SRAM Force Road Bike for only £1999.99

Buy the Planet X N2A SRAM Red Road Bike for only £2499.99

14 March 2013

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