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The history of the bike bag


Many of our customers will not be aware of our long roots in producing bags, specifically our Deluxe Bike bags and double wheel bags. Back in the day, in the mid-1990s to be exact I was Powerbar distributor and sort of fell into the role of sourcing, designing, and producing the range of Powerbar merchandise. Being a slightly anal type I think it’s fair to say I did quite a good job, and as we had the all-conquering Optimum Performance racing team travelling round the country and off to various training camps and races the big bag and double wheel bag I designed had a pretty good testing team. 

Roll on a few years later and what started on a "we need" basis  had become quite a good little side line business and I was sourcing and producing bags for a whole host of companies - SIS , Hope , High Five , Socal , British Cycling , Howies , Quintana Roo , Litespeed , as well as Medical bags and Shooting bags . The Planet X bike bag went through various evolutions and became our best selling product. 

Then we grew a bit, then a bit more, and then a lot and all of a sudden we ran out of warehouse space, and simply for the reason we had no space we stopped making bike bags and we gave away what would be commercially termed "a market leading position and a first mover advantage". In hindsight this was of course dumb , but at the time I guess we weren’t so commercially minded and I can tell you the physical pain of unloading 1000 bike bags at a time still lingers in the form of my knackered back , which went a bit wonky after trying to pick up a 30kg box of 5 to Ray. 

Our padded double wheel bags are to this day used by the British cycling track team, that is I reckon over 10 years of use and a testament to the quality, durability, and function of the great design - yes its arrogant to say this but we are pretty proud to have globe trotted around the world with the British track squad albeit only in the form of some wheel bags. So - a quick features and benefits, who’s who.  what’s what of our most long lived and recently reborn products - 

Planet X Deluxe Bike Bag 

The planet x deluxe bike bag is made of 600D material and features:

 - Integral wheel bags with hard PVC protectors are sewn into the bag at diametric opposites. I designed this , it has been copied by many bike bag manufacturers , I should have done the patent thing , I didnt . This holds the wheels securely in place and adds protection to the bike. 

- Number 10 zippers. Its simple, number 10 zippers are the biggest badest strongest zippers you can get - many manufacturers will cut corners and save costs by using smaller zippers. We don’t. 

-  Tarpaulin liner - Lined with tarpaulin so you can wipe it down. 

- Inner tool bag - in transparent pvc to pop in your pedals and pedal spanner. 

- More inner bags - to put in your shoes and other stuff, sewn into the side of the bag so everything stays in place whilst adding to the protection of the bike. 

- No wheels, yes no wheels, I tried and tried many bag, literally walking up and down Rustlings Road and I was never happy with wheels on the corner. Bike bags aren’t particularly stable and fall over a lot , and when I travelled I realised I didn’t need them .  Bike goes in bike bag, bike bag goes in car , car goes to airport , bike bag goes on trolley , trolley gets cheeked in . So basically Im not sure you need wheels on bike bags because firstly they generally cause most problems with breakage, and secondly you don’t need em . 

- Big and Roomy - The planet x bike bag is big and roomy , it is so roomy that at Eurobike 1997 when Dave Brailsford and myself were running the Planet X stand at the outdoor expo and it was freezing cold and raining that we took down our two demo bike bags , crawled inside , zipped up , and stayed nice and cosy . So they even double up as temporary accommodation.   Now I am not sure what the German customers thought when we conducted our business dealings from the safety and warmh of our padded bike bags but looking back it was pretty funny . 




Planet X Double Wheel Bag 

I think these are possibly our best product, maybe alongside the classic planet x neoprene overshoes . I designed both , arrogant sod you are probably thinking , but sometime back in the day , pre-brant , I used to have to design and test a lot of stuff . This wheel bag is simple, functional, and as mentioned above after 10 years of use by the national track team still they use the ones bought from us , no freebies , just world class performance . You might argue we are a major factor in Chris Hoy's success, though clearly that is utter rubbish - but we are proud of our wheel bags and their longevity in world class usage. 

A quick features and benefits 

- Heavily Padded 

- Internal pockets for skewers 

- Reinforced hard PVC centre panels to stop wheels puncturing bags 

- Number 10 zipper for longevity and strength 

- Round shape specially designed for wheels (spurious I know)


12 April 2013

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