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With a brand new range of products that really stand out as being technically superior in the market, Planet X are delighted to be able to offer the new range of O-Synce computers, with a model for every pocket and every requirement. From the solid sparky UrbanFree with it's backlight and remote unit, to the full featured Navi2Move training coach system. O-Synce products stand out with their ANT+ compatibility hooking up with all the techo-power gadgets you need, and downloadable training diaries that interface with all the systems out there.

Modular packages with integrated software, well supported and easy to use. In a product area where increasing complexity gets in the way of systems just telling you what you need to know, O-Synce is a breath of fresh air. We're committed to supplying and supporting this system, for users who want to get on board with these computers, or to use their ANT+ compatible sensors and accessories to improve other systems. Want the ultimate training partner? Check out their groundbreaking Screeneye display unit - ideal for triathlon training with a true head up display showing heart rate, speed, distance, stop times, lap times, training zones and coaching tips right in to your field of vision. The future is here right now - we can't wait for the bike version.

There's a model of O-Synce however you ride -buy the full range here or check the product grid below!

O-Synce ANT+ Wireless Remote Control For Navi2Coach

15 April 2013

O-Synce Cycle Computers and Training Aids

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