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Behind the scenes of our carbon projects

Our carbon bikes are second to none. We are uniquely placed in the industry to be able to offer you consistently test winning, race and rider proven models at a price point that has our rivals scratching their heads. How do we do it? By working harder, working smarter, and working with the best people around.

What carbon do we use?
All our frames are made from either Mitsubishi or Toray carbon fibre. It's the genuine certified product, inspected by our staff. Our best selling Pro Carbon model uses Toray T700 throughout, with a Mitsubishi fibre fork. Why the difference? The Mitsubishi fibre provides better resilience, the Toray better stiffness. We don't make up fancy in-house names for our carbon as we don't need to, and it's something we've only ever done for materials where we're deliberately poking fun at the industry - we've previously called our aluminium tubesets MaxWall (after the comedian) and DN6 (after our old warehouse postcode).

Planet X Exocet Frame being manufactured

We can promise you that there are lots of companies using NON Toray and Mitsubishi fibre in their frames, using lower grades, using tiny tiny pieces of Toray T800 fibre on the side of the downtube to allow them to claim use. Where we claim a fibre use, we use it in a significant area of the frame. No lies. No cheating. No made up names. 
How do we check quality?
We spot check our factories, with almost zero notice. Turning up and looking around to make sure that processes are being done correctly. Yes, that does mean flying half way around the world, but it's part of the process that we use, spot-checking QC issues, seeing how processes are done and working with factories to eliminate any issues we catch at the point of QC. 
We insist factorys take a selection of frames from every batch stress and deflection tested to ensure material and manufacturing processes are consistent, and we insist that these are recorded and passed to us. This allows us  to check consistency across batches to make sure that the ride quality and durability of models is consistent.

Planet X use the world's highest skilled artisans to build our frames

We work with the best engineers around
Our prototyping work is done with Sarto Cycles, from Padova in Italy. They make true pro-level Grand Tour winning models for the peleton, and are kept busy in the off season preparing and modifying frames for all the biggest teams to get their riders a custom fit. We've been working with them for a couple of years now, prototyping and sampling, testing to see what works and how to make things better.We even have a 600g road frame we worked on with them for Aileen Morrison to race in the Olympics. But it was too light and her bike was well under the weight limit! 
We work with Roberto Bilatto, an Italian frame builder who's now living and working in China, and who helped us develop the N2A and Exocet models. And our longest standing carbon frame, the Pro Carbon is built by the same company we've used on that model from day one. That consistency of manufacture allows us to maintain the quality we need to push forward in the market when customers could almost be suspicious about our business model, as without knowing the details of how we do it, people can wonder if our things really are too good to be true!

Ride the same hand-built carbon Planet X bikes as our sponsored pro's

We build your bike for you
We don't build bikes for stock. We build to order. Now - to be clear, we don't make your frame for you, but as for your bike... until you press the BUY button on the website, your bike is a series of parts in our warehouses. Clicking that button fires us into action and your order is checked, a build slot and mechanic allocated, the parts picked and checked, before being assembled just for you. This means if you want to put a better crankset, upgrade the brakes, change the tyres, our system allows you to do that. Want to upgrade to SRAM Red from SRAM Rival? We can do that. There are even ten different saddle choices. Three wheels. Six different tyres. Infact, just on our Pro Carbon model, there are over 22 MILLION different combinations of bike you can have right now.

2 May 2013

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