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The Worlds Fastest Ever Sale

The Worlds Fastest Ever Sale
Planet X Award Winning Carbon Wheels from only £369.99.
We think this is going to be the fastest ever sale - you can save minutes off your race times and at these prices keep cash in your wallet.
Lets be clear - our carbon wheels are already regarded as the best bang for buck smoking hot super quick carbon wheels in the world - we normally sell these at £499.99, sometimes we have dropped them in the off season to £399.99, but now, for one time ever they are £369.99 on a whilst-stocks-last basis.
If you are riding a 25 or an Olympic triathlon, a set of Planet X carbon wheels should save you around 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Over Ironman distance you are looking at a whopping 10 minutes plus.
Whoever said, "you can't buy time" had clearly never raced a time trial or triathlon. You can, and at these prices you can afford to.

Don't take our word for it - Bikeradar said
"The best aerodynamic time trial wheels for the money"- and that's when they were £599!

You might ask why would a company sell off its prime stock in peak season? - Surely they must be stark raving mad and it's commercial suicide? We might well be stark raving bonkers that's for sure, but there are a three compelling business reasons for us to take this drastic action.

1/ In 2014 we are getting fat

Yes, our wheel range is getting a complete overhaul in 2014 with fatter rims and new profiles, we are well advanced on designs and a few models are coming through already

2/ Shimano goes 11

As Shimano goes 11 speed so we need to go 11 speed in 2014. All our current 2013 wheels are 9 and 10 speed compatable which suits 99% of riders but in 2014 we will go to 11 speed throughout.

3/ Acquisition and Opportunity budgets

Ok, its getting complicated but its also getting exciting. We have three big opportunities right now that we are close to  pinning down, one on the mountain bike side that literally saw Brant, and I quote "dancing round my kitchen", and two on the road side that we have been chasing for  over a year. It's simple, we need cash to complete, stock is cash and cash is king. Its hardly Gordon Gecko but you get the drift. Anyhow. Here's the prices. If they aren't showing in your browser then hit refresh. It's live. It's hot. It's fast. Get in now.

NOTE :: ON SOME BROWSERS THE WHEELS BELOW MIGHT SAY £499.99 - click through to see the new pricing. 

11 June 2013

Fastest sale

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