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Go wide to go fast

Go wide to go fast

We've done it. We're blowing apart the aero wheels market, kicking our way through the ranks and offering you cutting edge high performance carbon aero wheels at the best price ever. Tested by our Chief Mechanic and former top UK professional rider (and still very handy on a bike), Mark Lovatt, and built for us by the leading carbon rim manufacturer in the world (who also makes for Mavic and Campag), our 2014 range of carbon wheels are now here.

We've gone wide, we've gone faster. Shallower rim sections are mated to wider cross sections giving you faster wheels in all conditions on the road, a better ride, lower rolling resistance and more speed. It's as simple as that.

These rims are 2-3mm wider than our older models. For our full carbon tubular, we're using a wider rim base - 25mm wide - which can match that to a 23-25mm tubular to give a rounder tyre profile that provides better cushioning and a wider yet shorter contact patch giving lower rolling resistance, and better more consistent handling under acceleration or braking.

For our alloy/carbon clincher rims, that offer super fast performance combined with awesome braking and ease of tyre changing, the rim is 23mm wide, suitable for 23-28c tyres and matched to a super high tech carbon fairing giving an incredible profile to cut through the wind, whatever direction it's coming from. 

Because in both cases, the wider rim also matches to a more rounded rear section and a shallower side, which gives the wheel far better control in choppy cross winds, matched with lower drag in side winds. These wheels are easier to control in gusty conditions and go faster too. 

It's win win win.

With wheel sets in stock now at prices way below those other brands who make their parts in the same factory, with our wheels hand built by world leading artisan craftsmen, there really is nothing stopping you from having the most awesome set of true performance wheels at a price you can't believe.

Check out our new CT45 range of wider wheels here.

19 June 2013

Carbon Aero Wheels

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