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NEW Planet X & On-One Helmets

NEW Planet X & On-One Helmets

Brand new, still warm from the factory, Planet X and On-One helmets. Designed and developed by us, the range is for both road and MTB with tailored cut and features for both. As always we've tried to keep the price as low as possible, so you can protect your head for less.

Planet X Helmets

For our skinny-tyred followers we've put together a couple of lids to protect you against the tarmac. We realise road riders come in different guises, from shaved legged, rule 5 adhering racers, to pannier laden, high vis commuters. That's why we're offering up two choices; the Sport Road is suited to the leisure/commuter rider where versatility is key, and the ultralight, highly vented Pro Road helmet for the racers and aspiring racers out there.

On-One Helmets

Catering to the off-road crew, we've got two helmets to give you proper protection out on the trails. The differing requirements are met head on (no pun intended) with the Enduro Pro and Trail Sport, with emphasis on protection and comfort over the needs of the weight weenies, these Mountain bike helmets excel at saving your head and instilling more confidence when tackling hairy descents.

Technology and Safety Standards

These aren't some off-the-shelf supermarket specials, they're crammed full of some cutting edge safety tech. The Pro Road benefits from the revolutionary Conehead technology, we know it sounds like one of those made-up technical inventions but it exists and you'll be pleased it does. Embedding conical cone and polygon shapes into the helmet inner, they compress upon impact and absorb the shocks, protecting your head in the process. All four helmets benefit from an inmold shell, giving strength and durability whilst keeping weight to a minimum, and the Enduro and Trail helmets have a really handy co-molded dial at the rear for micro adjustment and ease of use when in the saddle. If you've ever worn a helmet by a certain Italian company (starts and ends in a 'K') you'll know how useful a dial clamping mechanism is to use.

Features and funny sounding safety lab inventions mean absolutely nothing if the helmets don't live up to the relevant safety standards to which all protective headgear should be judged. Luckily all our helmets meet the all important CE EN1078 test; it's a European safety standard that puts helmets through their paces, testing impact resistance, chin strap and clamp retention, field of vision and shock absorbing qualities amongst others. What this really comes down to though is dropping heavy things on helmets that exceed any impact you're ever likely to have and see if they break. Ours passed all tests intact and with flying colours, so you know you're head is going to be safe and sound whatever terrain you're riding.

5 December 2013

Planet X and On-One Helmets


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