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Introducing the On-One Pickenflick

You may have noticed a head turning addition to our range over the last week; creeping out into the world from the trusted bosom of our development team. We thought it was too good to keep to ourselves, it would've been selfish and we were far too excited about it all to keep it at bay. So, here it is... the On-One Ti Pickenflick Cyclocross bike. Planet X 'cross aficionado, Alan Dorrington, has been riding one for a bit now, testing it in the trench conditions of the North West Cross League, and the wind swept, also trench like conditions, of the 3 Peaks. Alan has been kind enough to scribble some words down for us in the shape of a review, and as he knows it better than anyone it's a good place to start...

My riding career, 'cross wise, started in steel - good old fashioned 531 and then 653, eventually handmade for me by a NW framebuilder. And great those frames were too - comfortable, light enough for the job and cost effective. As frame technology moved on, so did my taste in frames and a pair of aluminium Planet X Uncle John's served me well for many years. The Dirty Disco and XLS took things off in an interesting carbon direction but until last year, I hadn't ridden a 'cross bike made out of the one remaining mainstream material, titanium.

Alan's On-One Pickenflick Cyclocross bike in the woods

On One produced a Ti 'cross frame a few years ago - it was light and popular and ridden to winning effect by one of Britain's few 'cross pros, Matt Ellis and to 3 Peaks success by the ever-green Nick Craig, both of whom had a hand in the design. My old training partner had one too, and very nice they were, attaining a bit of a cult status amongst riders in the know. But production only lasted a couple of years and On One has never revisited the wonder material for 'cross.... until now.

The new On One Picknflick looks absolutely gorgeous - a sleek, George Jensen-esque tapered headtube doubles as home-art if your spouse allows you to keep it in the front room , the brushed Ti tubing is understated but beautiful and the tidy welds all give off an air of assured quality. Suffice to say that the frame has attracted many admiring glances and comments when myself and Dave have been out and about on the prototypes, including slightly breathless conversations about availability mid race in both the last two 3 Peaks Cyclocross events.

Close up pictures of the On-One Pickenflick Cyclocross bike

Formwise, a chunky 1 1/2 tapered headtube gives absolutely rock solid handling on the roughest of terrain, allied to a big beefy carbon fork, and the super clearance, even with a mini bridge across chain stays means that even at a Peel Park, Bradford mudbath, the Picknflick keeps running. In fact it clogs less than the other disc frames I've ridden, and they don't clog at all compared to many current canti offerings. Subtle changes in cross section accross the downtube and toptube allude to performance enhancing design of the tubeset - stiffer and broader in areas of most stress. A lovely curved piece across the seat stays aids this, allied to rearward disc mounts and befitting a proper do-it-all 'cross bike, it has useful double bottle mounts. The toptube is left rounded rather than flattened but is still super comfy to carry, as many 3 Peaks-style Bull Hill sessions have proven as well as 2 outings in the Peaks itself.

Angles I believe are 72.5 head and 73 seatube on my 60cm version - thus slightly slacker than on a Dirty Disco and with marginally longer chainstays, and the overall effect is an extremely calm and compliant ride. The Ti tubing works to kill off much of the low level buzz, but is still more than stiff enough, superb for fast hacking across uneven surfaces, and with impeccable mud manners.

Two pictures of Alan Dorrington riding his Pickenflick in a muddy Cyclocross race

Alan Dorrington carrying his Pickenflick up a hill

Whilst not a super stiff 'cross crit monster, it's still more than stiff enough to respond to sharp changes in pace and direction and has seen regular duty for me and Dave Haygarth at 'cross races over the last year or so, performing flawlessly in classic mudders at Bradford and Todmorden, as well as drier Yorkshire Summer Cross rounds. Finally, as a 3 Peaks/rougher off road machine it is imperious. Handling, compliance all come together to make it an all day bike on any terrain.

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16 January 2014


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