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Pro Carbon Ultegra 6800

The Pro Carbon doesn't really need any lengthy introductions, but let us set the scene anyway. Its first appearance cemented the first Planet X forays into carbon fibre frame production which paved the way for our current production models. Along the way the Pro Carbon has gone through a number of updates and transformations, arriving where it is today as one the best selling road bikes in the UK. But why is that the case? The market is saturated with road bikes of all shapes and sizes, all at similar prices, yet still the Pro Carbon stands out above them all. Well, the lightweight, full carbon frame and fork undoubtedly help, but in the Cycle to Work friendly, sub-£1000 bracket that's not a rarity anymore. What keeps the Pro Carbon ahead of the bunch is the specification, and it's just got even better.



Our 10-speed Shimano Ultegra makeover last year caused a stir, but this new build is going to blow things apart. How about a full Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-speed groupset for the same price? Obviously, that's too good to pass up and we can guarantee nobody else can come close to this. We've become good at that over the years, setting the precedent for others to follow, allowing them to work out how we do it, and then when they begin to paste things together, we take another leap forward. And that's exactly what this Pro Carbon 6800 build showcases.

So what's Shimano Ultegra 6800 all about? And why take the leap from your trusty 10-speed? Well, Shimano don't take these things lightly, they don't just release a new groupset because they have to. Every iteration is revised, refined and honed to surpass the previous incarnation. In terms of 6800 this means incorporating the awesome new 4-arm chainset and dual-pivot symmetrical calipers, a complete overhaul of the derailleurs and newly contoured shifters. Everything is lighter (sub-8kg builds!), everything shifts and stops better, and you also get another cog to reach for when you require. Ultegra remains the second tier in Shimano's road range, slotting in underneath the flagship Dura Ace, and what Shimano are just so good at is spreading their innovations across their groupsets. So, in many ways, Ultegra 6800 operates in much the same way as Dura Ace, just with just a slight weight penalty. Over at they describe it as "for the serious fitness rider or privateer racer" and... "as a package, this is as good as a mechanical groupset has ever been.", we can't argue with that at all.

Actually here is the review in its full glory, it has a nice component by component breakdown.



Despite the new specification that Pro Carbon remains the choice for road riders all over. It's still the best commuter, the best club ride and the best all-day, sportive leaning bike around. Its compact geometry means that it suits a wide range of sizes, and always feels fast without feeling that you're going to rub your nose on your front tyre. The Pro Carbon was already the best bike of its kind on the road, now it's light years ahead.

25 April 2014


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