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Huub Wetsuits

Huub Wetsuits

As triathlon season ramps up again, we're committing fully to a summer of training and racing with a new range of triathlon gear. You might have already seen our new Planet X Tri Suit which has proven itself on the cycle and the run, and now we've got goggles, wet suits and swim caps from Huub to see you through T1 as well.

We first got involved with Huub at the Nottingham Outlaw Triathlon last summer. We both had a stall at the event and after seeing their products in the flesh, we were eager to get them in stock. Now the timing is right, we've got a full complement of gear for different body shapes, swim styles and performance levels. Planet X has always had its roots in Tri, ever size our founder, Dave Loughran, first started selling Powerbar energy products while competing in triathlon himself. Since then, the Stealth and Exocet have been hugely popular in the Tri scene and Planet X has arguably become the No. 1 triathlon bike brand in the UK. Our sponsored athletes are doing incredibly and now now the Tri Centre in Edinburgh has become Planet X Edinburgh, we've got ever more triathlon expertise in the company. With that in mind, Huub were the perfect match for introducing more triathlon gear to our range.

Huub have four decades of experience in endurance sports and have seen the development of wetsuits for swimming from the ground up since triathlon began. Before triathlon, wetsuits were frowned upon amongst endurance swimmers and the technology had to be developed from scratch if it were to match the years of research that had already gone into running and cycling. Since then, the main advances have been in the flexibility and bouyancy of neoprene. Huub are continuing to push the technology further from their Derby HQ, focussing on adapting these materials to enhance the performance of individual swimmers with individual needs. Our running shoes are suited to match our foot shape and running style. Our bikes are tweaked to our measurements and flexibility levels. So why not match our wetsuits to our unique requirements too?

Huub do this by adapting the thickness of the neoprene in different areas of the body. Thicker neoprene gives greater bouyancy, whereas thinner material is more flexible. For example, their 3:5 bouyancy suits have 3mm neoprene on the upper body and 5mm neoprene on the lower body and are designed for the many Triathletes coming to the sport from a cyling or running background who tend to suffer sinking legs while swimming. The increased bouyancy of the thicker neoprene on the legs helps raise the legs, improving the swimmer's stroke and translating more of their kicking power into forward motion. Similarly, the 4:4 suits are designed with balanced bouyancy for experienced swimmers who don't need any help with their position in the water. The 3:3 suits are designed specifically for female athletes after studies found that female bodies are naturally more bouyant. The neoprene is thinner to allow for extra flexibility since less artificial bouyancy is required.

Once you've chosen the right wetsuit, extra high-tech features still abound. Extra-flexible panels are positioned on the calves and biceps of the top-of-the-range Archimedes and Axena wetsuits to reduce pressure on these key muscles and allow a full range of movement. Their X-O Skeleton system is a support structure lining the torso of the wetsuit that holds the swimmer's core straight and aligned, correcting excessive, drag-increasing movement. Even the zip as been designed for the quickest transition possible. There's a reason that professional athletes like the Brownlee brothers turn to Huub for their wetsuits, and that Huub athletes are routinely the first ones out of the water when they race. It's because the suits are chock full of technology proven to make you go faster.

We also have a very exciting range of own-brand Triathlon equipment on its way that will be manufactured to the same high standards. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months...

29 April 2014

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