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Not too late for a Spring clean!

Not too late for a Spring clean!

There are so many good reasons to keep your bike clean. A clean bike looks better, rides better and lasts longer.

A greasy, muddy chain is covered in dust and grit: a perfect abrasive mix. Every time that chain runs over your cassette, derailleur and chain rings, it's wearing them down and wearing itself down too. In fact, if you don't keep chains, bearings and other moving parts well lubricated, they'll end up wearing each other down even without external help from dust and grit. Without sufficient lubrication, these parts are also liable to corrode. Keep your drivetrain clean and you'll find these parts lasting much longer, saving you money on replacement.

As well as causing damage to themselves, poorly maintained parts could cause damage to you. Constant poor maintenance also makes component breaking points that bit harder to predict too, meaning that parts are more likely to fail mid-ride, perhaps causing serious injury. A dried-out headset will prevent you from steering effectively; a dirty braking surface can't stop as effectively as a clean one; unlubricated brake calipers might fail to brake at all - the list goes on. Any one of these scenarios could end in a totally unnecessary crash that could have been avoided if the parts had only been cleaned and maintained properly.

If that's not enough to convince you (it should be!), what if we told you that a clean bike actually goes faster? When all these dirty, unlubricated parts are wearing each other down, they're doing so at the expense of your average speed (take note Strava warriors). Every extra watt of energy spent trying to overcome this friction is energy that could have been used to propel you forwards. A clean bike means free speed with every pedal stroke, the confidence in those shiny parts to allow for tougher lines into those corners, with absolute confidence that your bike will be able to handle them. Get some new brake pads on there too, enabling more aggressive riding, all safe in the knowledge that you can stop quickly when required. 

Keeping your bike tip-top needn't be hard work, however. Clean regularly while dirt is minimal and you'll save time in the long run. It's much easier to cut through a week's worth of grime for half an hour every week than it is to scrub through several month's worth of accumulated filth - we're speaking from experience. With clean parts lasting longer, you'll also cut down of repair time. Prepare your bike properly with polish once cleaning is done and it will actually resist dirt in the future, meaning less work for you. Win win.

Of course though, you'll need some good-quality, bike-specific cleaning products to help make your life that bit easier, and we've got a great range from brands like BiciSupport, Muk-Off and NRG including brushes, chain cleaners degreasers, lubricants, shampoos and polishes. So you'd got no excuse not to have a nice, shiny bike!

22 May 2014

Keep it clean

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