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King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain

Today sees the Tour de France hit proper hills for the first time this year as the race enters the Alps for the debut mountain stage. It's a time when the big powerhouses that have dominated the flatter stages so far fade away and the specialist climbers come to the fore to battle it out for the Polka Dot jersey of the King of the Mountains. The deep section wheels and aero equipment is ditched in favour of the lightest kit to help on the mammoth climbs. Naturally, climbing mountains is slower work than powering along the flat and as speed decreases, so does the importance of aerodynamics. Weight becomes the name of the game. Every extra gram on your bike is an extra gram that you have to drag up the mountain and every gram you save is time gained on your opponents.

So in honour of the champion climbers that will be fighting for glory and their superhuman Alpine ascents, we've put together a collection of our best King of the Mountains gear. We've got red and white polka dot clothing and a selection of superlight wheels, tyres and components so you can climb with the best of them as well.

11 July 2014

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