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456 Evo Carbon Vs. 45650b!

Ever since 29ers came around, it has sometimes seemed like wheel size is all that people talk about in the mountain bike industry. 26", 29" and 650b wheel sizes all have their avid advocates and they battle it out on internet forums and comment sections, arguing ad nuaseum about which is best. We're not going to get involved with all that. Each size has its pros and cons and all the rest is mostly down to personal preference. Instead, here's a breakdown a 26" and 650b version of the classic On-One 456 with the relative benefits of both. We'll let you decide which is the one for you.

The 456 started out as a long travel, steel 26er hardtail with a geometry optimised for hard, fast trail shredding. Its rampant popularity has seen numerous updates, iterations and evolutions for the frame over the year but the classic geometry that made it what it is have remained largely the same. The two bikes presented here show just how far the 456 has come. The On-One 456 Evo Carbon Shimano Deore Mountain Bike takes the revised 'Evo' design and adapts it to a cutting edge carbon-fibre construction. The On-One 45650B Shimano Deore Mountain Bike retains the steel tubing but takes it one step further in another direction: to 650b wheels.

So we've got two cutting edge bikes, one with 26" wheels and one with 650b. Which should you go for?

26" - On-One 456 Evo Carbon Shimano Deore Mountain Bike

On-One 45650B Shimano Deore Mountain Bike

  • Livelier cornering - particularly on the tight tracks of the North of England
  • Better suited to steep and technical trails tackled at slower speeds
  • Easier to get air
  • Perfect for bombing around man-made trail centre terrain


650b - On-One 45650B Shimano Deore Mountain Bike

On-One 45650B Shimano Deore Mountain Bike

  • More stable at high speed
  • Larger wheels maintain speed better over rough stuff - roll over rocks and roots more easily
  • more versatile
  • Easier pedalling on flats and uphill
So, if you're all about the tricky, technical terrain we'd advise going for the 26" 456 Evo Carbon. Prefer fast, flowy trails with wider berms and a bit more pedalling? 45650b is where it's at.

13 August 2014

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