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Commuter Crazy

XLS vs London Road

Commuting via bicycle has many benefits for you and others around you. For starters cycling to work can actually be quicker than driving or using public transport. This is because you have the luxury of bypassing most traffic jams (within the laws of the road obviously) and if you don’t live too far away or if you work in a city centre you can actually attain a higher average speed on a bike.

Secondly, cycling is a form of exercise and we’re all told that we need to do more exercise. Exercise has many benefits and has been proven to relieve stress, help concentration and keep us awake to name a few, its true we Googled it and everything. Exercising before work is a great way to dust away the cobwebs and prepare yourself for the daily challenges that lay before you. I’m not saying that you need to speed to work but even just a steady pace, taking in all that is around you, can be a pleasant experience in itself and can even be fun.

Thirdly you also get the satisfaction of having no carbon footprint so that’s one thing you can say if asked if you’re doing your part.

Commuting is an art that requires the right tools and we think that we’ve got two cracking bikes that can tempt you to take on the commuting challenge or that could significantly improve your daily commute. If not equipped adequately commuting can become a bit of a faff if you’re constantly breaking down or getting punctures, coming home drenched etc. So here they are:

First up we’ve got the XLS that, strictly speaking, has been designed as a cyclocross bike. However, when you look at the characteristics that make up a Cyclocross bike you soon realise that they also make for a perfect commuter. The XLS features a full carbon frameset that is incredibly lightweight and offers astounding stiffness. Combine this with a flat top tube and you can easily carry your bike if you need to. Also with disc brakes and large tyre clearance you can fit pretty much any tyre you want, which is particularly handy with the changing seasons.  

XLS 10 speed Rival £899.99

The XLS's greatest competitor is our new to the block London Road; a bike that is much more of an out and out road bike, which would be a little bit lost on the cyclocross race tracks- at least with skinny tyres. The London Road does have its merits though if you'll let me explain. The London Road has been created to survive  Sheffield’s most notorious roads, for example our main commuter super cycleway, the pothole ridden ‘London Road’, which, therefore means that it is an incredibly durable and shock resistant bike. The 6061-T6 Aluminium frame and carbon forks are made to withstand serious punishment with the forks absorbing harsh vibrations and road buzz. A progressive road geometry means you will arrive at your destination in comfort, something that might be said about other less forgiving bikes.  

London Road 10 speed Rival £799.99

There they are, two perfectly formed, yet totally individual bikes that are just waiting for you to choose between them. To make your decision slightly more difficult we’ve now got some cracking Rival builds for both of them. Because we love Rival so much we've built up the London Road with the current SRAM Rival 22 groupset and the older Rival 10 speed. The URL links above will take you the 10 speed versions, all of the builds are displayed below. The decision is yours!

We’ve also put together some commuting essentials that will further help your commuting cause, just because we’re helpful like that. It is really important that you make sure you are seen on the road, especially in the winter when daylight hours are limited. We’ve got a selection of high visibility jackets that may be a bit garish, but clearly increase your visibility. When making sure you are seen by drivers on the roads lumens are a commuter’s best friend and we’ve got plenty of them for you to get your hands on. Have a look through some of the lights we have on offer to see which one suits you best. Whether your commute takes you down an unlit road or if you just need a backup light that may be a light for you when all other lights go out, we’ve got something for you.

Lastly, no one likes getting soaking wet and neither does you work or even your lunch! We got a range of funky mudguards and panniers that will ease the load on your commute and keep your back side nice and dry.

12 December 2014

commuter crazy

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