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Our Italian Job

We love Campagnolo at Planet X. They produce lightweight, functional and beautiful groupset components and wheels that look like nothing else you can own. Their Italian flair for design and meticulous attention to visual detail are what set them apart from the other big two groupset makers. Steeped in a rich cycling heritage that stretches right back to the inception of the rear derailleur they are responsible for a series of historical firsts the like of which no other brand can lay claim to.

Born in 1901 Tullio Campagnolo spent his childhood around his father's hardware store where he tinkered with many of the products his father sold. A love of cycling and mechanical engineering lead him to look to improve the parts on his own bike and a snowy November day Tullio was riding over the Croce D'Aune Pass in the Gran Premio della Vittoria race when he had to stop to flip his back wheel over to change gears. His wing nuts had frozen and it was this experience that leads him to design his first bicycle part- the quick release skewer and hub.

In 1940, Tullio released his Cambio Corsa dual speed gear changer. Though an incredibly basic system compared to today's set-ups it allowed for easy gear changes without removing the rear wheel. After the end of the Second World War, when serious continental cycle racing restarted many of the top pro riders had moved to riding Campagnolo components. It is Tullio's 1949 invention to which all modern cyclists owe a great debt or gratitude. The Gran Sport derailleur was the first slant parallelogram derailleur to be produced and is the progenitor of all modern rear mechs. Whether you use 8, 9, 10 or 11 gears at the back of your bike say a thank you to Tullio Campagnolo.

Campagnolo has a rich history of cycling success. The greats have ridden with panache and won on Campagnolo, Merckx only ever rode Campagnolo, Indurain won on Campagnolo and Hinault similarly took all his TDF victories on Campagnolo. Campagnolo's cycling heritage and design brilliance is without doubt they are the one component manufacturer who can rightfully claim to offer 'pure performance'.

Fast forward to the modern day and Campagnolo continues to plough their own furrow with passion and flair. Their carbon fibre chainsets are arguably the finest available pairing beautiful industrial design with advanced materials and robust fitness for purpose. Their derailleur systems continue to lead the way and their top end groupsets are amongst the most cherished and adored bike components available anywhere. We understand that not everyone is prepared to spend the money required to dine at Campagnolo's top table where their Super Record and EPS groupsets hold court, but we're ready to help you grab a slice of that Italian flair and passion at a much lower price with the introduction of our new Campagnolo Athena and Centaur equipped Pro Carbon bikes.

To celebrate our own Italian Job, we're offering a triumvirate of colour-ways based on classic colours of the Mini cars from the original 1969 film. Available in Red, white or blue these bikes are built using a canny combination of British knowse and Italian flair to offer the same groundbreaking value for money as the Mini itself did when it was first launched. At £899.99 for the 10 speed Centaur equipped bike and £999.99 for the 11 speed Athena equipped Pro Carbon. You owe it to yourself to check them out if you're interested in a new road bike and have to ride something that will turn heads wherever you go. The specification, performance, good looks and value for money that both of these Campagnolo equipped Pro Carbon models offer is simply Bellissimo!

24 March 2015

The Pro Carbon Italian Job

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