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EL Guapo Fat Bike Hubs Are Ready To Amaze You

We love Fat Bikes here at On-One Towers; we make no bones about it. They simply offer more smiles per miles than just about any other bike we can think of. And their amazing versatility means that you'll soon find yourself looking to clear a couple of bikes out of your stable because your new fat friend does everything so well.

Fat bikes deserve being built with the best parts possible and that's why we've been working long and hard on developing a new range of fatty specific hubs. We asked fat bike owners what they wanted from a set of hubs and they all shouted for the same things- low weight, high strength, amazing durability and sensible pricing. Well, we've aced all of those and added tool-free disassembly and easy servicing into the mix. With a huge range of dropout widths and axle types, there's an EL Guapo fat bike hub to suit every bike.

The El Guapo Fat Bike Front Hub packs in two oversized, fully sealed cartridge bearings. We've chosen high quality stainless housed parts with full rubber lip seals. We've even squeezed and extra o-ring seal onto the inside of the axle end pieces to ensure no dirt gets through. Drilled for 32 spokes they are machined with wide spoke flanges and ready to take a 6-bolt standard brake disc. The El Guapo Fat Front Hub is available in 135mm/QR, 135mm/ 15mm thru axle and 150mm/15mm Thru axle options to fit almost any fat bike.

The El Guapo Rear Fatty Hub is even more impressive than the front. It comes in Shimano and SRAM 10/11 speed and XD driver freehub versions. The freehub has 44 ratchet points and transfers the power with six, individually sprung, tool steel pawls. That gives you a super low 5-degree pedal engagement to help you power up the tricky inclines with ease.

We like components that are easy to strip, service and reassemble and the EL Guapo Fatty hub have been built to disassemble in seconds, completely tool free. Simply pull off the end caps, twist off the freehub and slide out the axle and you are ready to regrease your freehub or replace your bearings. Of course with 4 oversized bearings in each rear hub, 2 in the hub shell and 2 supporting the freehub, it's unlikely that you'll need to take a look inside them anytime soon.

If you're looking to build up a new set of wheels for your Fatty and not break the bank then the EL Guapo Fat Bike Hubs have to be on your shopping list. You'll not find a better built Fat Bike hub for anywhere near this price. Grab a pair today and give your fat bike the new set of wheels it truly deserves. 

8 June 2015

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