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Pro Carbon 105 Vs Pro Carbon Rival 22

The battle between SRAM and Shimano is something that is never settled and is a rivalry that burns on. Both are superb brands in their own rights offering some of the best cycling components in the world. We have built two bike for you to choose from, a Pro Carbon Shimano 105 and Pro Carbon SRAM Rival 22. 

Although SRAM and Shimano groupsets essentially operate on the same principle there is a crucial consideration that needs to be made by the rider.  A defining factor is the rider bike interface, the way in which the rider changes gear. Up against each other is SRAM’s DoubleTap shifters and Shimano’s Shimano Total Integration (STI) shifting system, both offer a unique riding experience with the utmost precision and reliability.


SRAM’s DoubleTap system operates by using one lever set just behind the brake lever. This lever holds responsibility for both shifting up and shifting down on their respective mechs/derailleurs (front or rear). This is achieved depending on how far through you push the lever across, one tap for down and two (Double) tap for up. One advantage of this system is that it allows you to change gear whilst braking as the brake level is fixed, as it is not part of the gear shifting process.


Shimano’s STI system works slightly different and is known to be just a little bit more user friendly as it adopts two levers for each function giving a clear cut operating style. Similar to SRAM there are two levers but this time both ‘swing’ to grant the gift of gear shifting.


We’re asking you to choose a side, SRAM or Shimano? This choice potentially becomes even more difficult when the topic of price becomes involved as we have now lowered the price of our Pro Carbon SRAM Rival 22 build, which matches the price exactly of the Pro Carbon Shimano 105 build but only while Stock of 105 lasts.


Both builds are 11 speed, both are built using our highly popular Pro Carbon framesets and both come complete with quality Planet X finishing kit and FSA or Campagnolo wheels.


Its time for you to decide. Which side will you chose?

11 June 2015


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