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Hubs Too Good To Ignore

We’re not going to lie to you; these are by far the best hubs you can buy for the money. If you’re really interested in the tech that makes them stronger and  spin for longer then you can read the backstory, otherwise skip to the bottom of the page to read the specs before you buy your pair.

We’ve designed these hubs to beat the most popular hubs on the UK market. Lighter, stronger and easier to service they’ve been designed to offer lasting durability in muddy conditions and they come in all the currently popular drop-out widths and axle diameter configurations. All the hubs feature double sealed bearings and have additional seals on the end caps to keep the dirt and wet out.  In fact we’re so determined to keep your bearings running smooth that we use three different greases to protect the rear hubs; polyurea inside the cartridge bearings, silicone grease for the hub seals and special low viscosity grease to keep the freehub ratchet running smoothly.

The rear hubs come in Shimano/SRAM 10/11 speed and SRAM XD driver options so you can choose the right version for your drivetrain. We’re huge fans of the XD driver version which offers amazing performance and touches the scales at only 271gms for the 12mm thru axle configuration- compare that with the weight of much more expensive competitors.

Forged and then CNC machined, the freehub shells are incredibly strong and lighter than the much of the competition without sacrificing strength or durability.  Our top of the line Pro spec hubs are built with a 6-pawl freehub that offsets the pawls into two sets of three that combine to give an incredible 5-degree uptake angle and 72 points of engagement.  The lavish attention to detail doesn’t stop with the freehub body even our humble ratchet rings are given the royal treatment. In a four-step manufacturing process, they are forged, machined, heat-treated and then undergo a final precision machining process to ensure lasting dimensional accuracy.

These are quick hubs, with instant uptake that makes them perfect for tackling tricky technical climbs.  We’ve spared no expense and built them up with fully sealed, Japanese, stainless steel cartridge bearings, squeezing a pair of oversized bearings into the front hubs and packing four bearings into the rear hub to increase longevity and minimize your service intervals.

When it finally comes time to strip your hubs to replace your bearings you’ll be glad that we designed them to disassemble without tools in seconds. Re-greasing your freehub can be done in a minute and replacing your bearings is a five-minute job. While you’ve got the axles in your hands you can marvel at their smooth precision. The thru axle hubs are swaged down in a seven-stage process that starts with a 34mm tube and ends up with a precisely dimensioned thru axle. Even the internal bearing spacer between the hub bearings gets special treatment, it’s swaged and butted to increase its strength and reduce weight where you don’t need it.

Our Comp specification hubs offer 99% of the performance of the Pro hubs but at a slightly reduced price and with a different freehub configuration and non-stainless, ABEC bearings. The Comp freehub body uses a 4-pawl design where all four pawls provide simultaneous contact with the drive ring. You get better load handling ability, to take the big hits that freeriding and park use might dish out but trade that for a  slacker 10-degree uptake angle.

We offer both the Pro and Comp hubs in EL Guapo and Selcof graphic styles so you can pick you poison to suit your style. We’re just sorting out the spare parts package that we’ll offer with the hubs but expect to see bearing, freehub and axle cap kits that’ll help keep your new wheels running sweet and let you move your best new wheels across all your favourite bikes. If you eat through wheelsets, ride rough and keep wondering why your current hubs keep letting you down then it's time you graduated to a better-built wheelset and that all starts with the best hubs you can afford.

We’ll also be offering custom wheel builds with these hubs built by UK wheel building legend Mark Minting- the perfect marriage of CNC controlled precision manufacturing and artisan skill based on years of experience. If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels get in touch today.

6 August 2015

2015 MTB hubs

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