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We All Have To Start Somewhere

I can remember clearly every bike I owned as a kid, and all the ones I lusted after. My list goes like this;  Budgie, Commando, Grifter (with front mudguard tail flipped up to drag on the front tyre like a motorbike engine), Bomber, Sun GT 10xl and onto a stream of English produced road bikes. I loved every single one of them, I hopped them off kerbs, steered them into lamposts, took them off some sweet jumps and generally rode them, crashed them, left them lying all around the estate whenever something more interesting beckoned. With the help of my dad, I fixed punctures, trued wheels, replaced chains, brakes and gear cables and learnt the gentle craft of bicycle maintenance and repair.

My dad for his part was never big on bikes, he was a frustrated fell runner at heart, (frustrated by the fact that we lived at the seaside on the NE coast, and it just couldn't be any flatter), but he did understand how important a bike was to a child. He understood that it was the ticket to freedom (and possibly trouble) and an absolute necessity for a balanced childhood; I can't imagine what I would have done without a bike.

I didn't get my first serious road bike until I was 12, it was a Raliegh, Sun GT 10xl. 21" of steel gas pipe, brazed in Nottingham and sprinkled with Weinmann centre-pulls and Suntour gears. I rode that bike into the dirt. Raliegh was in the ascendancy back in the 70'd and 80's they were really the only game in town for kids and youth bikes in that pre-globalised age. Things have changed a lot since then, the world is a much smaller place and the choice of bikes available to kids (and parents) is huge.

At Planet X we do our bit to get kids on bikes and there's no better way to do that than by offering some exciting choices. For the younger kids, 5-9 years old, we've introduced the Piccolino. With 20" wheels, 7 gears, disc brakes and big, burly tyres the Piccolino is a full-on mini Fat Bike. We realise that the roads aren't the quiet place for playing that they once were, and you're probably better off getting your kids an off-road capable bike rather than a road bike for them to learn the ropes on. There's so much more to see and do off-road and the whole family can ride along that it just makes perfect sense.

If you are your children are dying to get out on the roads, or maybe you're looking to put together a bike for them to ride and race on closed circuits then we have a range of solutions for you with our Giovanisimo children's road frames. Starting with frames for wheels as small as 20", you're bound to be able to get started on building up their first dream bike.....

Planet X customer Paul Hudson has a gaggle of young tearaways who are just beginning to move on from their first kids bikes onto something a little more serious and considered. We'll let Paul explain.

"I have two young boys who are very into blasting about on their bikes, (BMX, mountain biking, cyclocross, racing) and a smaller little girl who encourages the mayhem from a tag along.

The eldest, Harry now 8, loves watching the tour and Vuelta highlights. He can’t get enough, Cav this Geraint that, who’s the strongest, who's the fastest, breakaways, lead out trains etc, etc.

His hero, however, is Froome, the strongest GC MAN and fantastic in the mountains. Unfortunately, however, Harry dances like Contador on the pedals and loves uphill sprint attacks out of the saddle. He oozes style and panache.

He wanted a road bike to be like his hero's. So what an opportunity when we saw your gorgeous frame and fork for a giveaway price. Opened on his birthday with granddad, a local x racer, he was super happy with his racing red frame.

We then reviewed and sourced parts online, and the build of Harry's mountain machine began. 105 shifters and gears, Stronglight cranks, Tektro callipers and cyclocross levers for safety, oooh lovely.

Harry now not only 'has' a bike, he 'owns it' as he had to build it!

We have a hit list of peak classics to ascend. Thus far Scotsman's Pack, Haggar Tor and Mam Tor's closed road have all been conquered. We have our sites set on Abney Moor, Cressbrook, Mamnick and finally Winnats pass in the near future. Not bad for an 8-year-old with 6-year-old brother close behind and a knackered old dad bringing up the rear with a tag along in tow.

There is a frame in waiting for Finley, Harrys younger brother. He, however, is into Danny Macaskill. He has already snapped his sisters Balance bike on his self-build garden stunt run. Will the Planet x frame hold up such abuse??? I will keep you posted!"

27 January 2016

Giovanissimi Children\'s Frames and Framesets


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