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Randle Reviews- Wayne and Mark lovatt go head to head

Randle Reviews- Wayne and Mark lovatt go head to head

Noted local cycling hardmen Wayne Randle and Mark Lovatt have recently been putting the EC-130-E Aero Road bike and the Holdsworth Competition road bike to the test. We put their opinions head to head to help you choose the best road bike for you for the upcoming season.

The EC-130-E is Planet X's serious challenge for the Aero Road crown. Built from the ground up to slice through the wind and help you deliver every last watt to the road it's an uncompromising assault on the high end. Holdsworth's Competition bike takes the time honoured approach to delivering performance. A triple butted, hand welded, Columbus Spirit SL frame is paired with a 300 gram, tapered, oversized, high modulus carbon fibre fork. Oversized frame tubes deliver power enhancing stiffness yet still retains that silky smooth rear end feel that steel frames are so beloved for.

Q. How does the bike feel on flat out efforts?
Mark: It's a good frame, there's no wasted effort, everything goes the rear wheel. The back end don't wind up when you sprint, it's proper. It's not too stiff, just like good steel should be.
Wayne: It's bang on kid.

Q. What's the handling like, steady or sharp? Mark: Steady on the descents, it feels safe, you can trust it, there's no fork chatter even under hard braking- just as it should be. It's nimble, though, you can jump for those gaps and thread through a bunch on it no bother. Wayne: It's bang on kid.

Q. What do you think of the groupset? Mark. I like Ultegra, it feels good at the shifter and the braking’s positive. Cassette and chainring ratio are sensible for some tasty riding. No complaints here. Wayne: It’s bang on kid.

Q. How were the wheels? Mark: They’re solid. There’s a decent depth of rim on there, 35mm, enough forra bit of aero. Hubs are good, they spin up fast and I like the straight pull spokes. It’s a decent set of wheels that’ll take some pounding. Wayne: They’re bang on kid.

Q. Did you find the finishing kit complements the rest of the build? Mark: That’s the first bike I’ve ridden with the newer 35mm stem and handlebars on. They felt good, light and stiff. That seatpost is a cracker, really light and easy to adjust, it’s a right piece. Wayne: It's bang on kid.

Q. Overall how would you summarize the bike? Mark: I like a decent steel bike, and the Holdsworth Competition is that and more. It’s a quality ride, the kit’s good, the wheels are fast and it’s lively. It’s a good bit of metal. Wayne: It were bang on kid.

26 February 2016

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