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How to give some Summer Lovin' to your bikes

Maintaining your bike(s) is an important part of cycling and one which many of us sometimes struggle to find time for. Having the right products for the job helps you maximise the time you devote to this. Spending time lavishing some TLC on your bike, keeping it clean and lubricated makes it run smoother, more efficiently and saves you money in the long run the moving parts last longer.


Five top cleaning tips


1. To achieve the best result use specific products designed for each job.

2. Don’t use unsuitable products such as washing-up liquid which can cause damage.

3. For the best results start on the top parts of your bike and clean downwards.

4. Use soft brushes or sponges so as not to damage anything.

5. Rinse the bike afterwards and then re-lubricate.


Prevention makes cleaning easier


You can make cleaning your bike easier by protecting it in the first place with a product like the Cordo Pure Eco Range Bike Protector. Spray this onto your bike and, with a little buffing, it provides UV protection, water repellency and importantly keeps muck from sticking in the first place. A very handy little purchase for those in the know.

See the Cordo Pure Eco Range Bike Protector here.

Tackle that chain with ease


Cleaning and degreasing your chain regularly extends the life of your entire drivetrain and it’s not just a winter job. Performing this regularly all year round will keep the chain and drivetrain working most efficiently.

Clever devices like the Barbieri Tornado Chain Cleaner and Bottle makes this job quick and easy with its active cleaning formula.
See the Barbieri Tornado Chain Cleaner and Bottle here.


Lubricate your chain


After cleaning you need to re-lubricate your chain. Joe's No Flats Nano Chain Lube has both wet and dry conditions covered with it’s range of four different lubricants. With it’s waxy film and water repellent properties they maximise chain life and keep things running smoothly.
See the Joe's No Flats Nano Chain Lube here.


After a wet ride


Applying a lubricate after a wet ride is essential to protect your frame from stiffness and corrosion. The Cordo Water Repellent Lubricant is ideal as a wax-based that forces out the moisture and then protects your chain.
See the Cordo Water Repellent Lubricant here.


Cleaning your disc brakes


You should not forget to clean the disc brakes on your mountain bike, ‘cross bike or now road bike either. Cordo Disc Brake Cleaner Spray used regularly will dissolve any oil or grease on your discs so there’s no squealing and your pads last longer. 
See the Cordo Disc Brake Cleaner Spray here.  


Keep topped up


Keeping your tyres topped up is easy with a durable, high volume mini pump like the Cordo Inspire Libeco Volume Mini Pump. Running your tyres at optimal pressures (for instance after a puncture) will protect your tyres from any undue excess wear. There is nothing worse than puncturing and not being able to get your tyre up to a high pressure again and this great mini pump solves this.
See the Cordo Inspire Libeco Volume Mini Pump here.  


Should the worst happen?


OK, so you’ve been naughty and left an old bike slightly neglected. The Cordo Penetrating Oil Spray is what you need in your tool box for loosening stiff or seized bits. Spray and then leave the oil to penetrate the problem part and return when it’s worked its magic. 
See the Cordo Penetrating Oil Spray here.  

GT85 Spray Lube is another workshop essential. Look on any professional workshop bench and you will nearly always see this PTFE lubricant spray. Being suitable for multiple uses is one reason it's a very popular product. Use it for lubricating cables, degreasing parts and as a water displacer.
See the GT85 Spray Lube here

6 June 2016

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