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EXO3 - The Rules of Engagement have changed!

Our brand new wind cheating, watt saving, time travelling missile is ready for launch.

Here we share with you some advance photos of the final unpainted prototype and explain how this advanced bike came about…


Creating fast bikes has always been at the heart of what Planet X does and with our new triathlon and time trial weapon – the EXO3 - we’ve taken everything we know about Advanced Aero Design and pushed it right to the limits.


The seamless spine of the EXO3 simply slices through the wind helping you to those fast times. Re-profiled seat stays have been shortened and dropped to reduced their drag contribution. Front and rear brakes have been integrated into the frame and are hidden from sight in their own aerodynamically profiled cowlings. 


Planet X Head of Design Jamie Burrow (above) has been working long and hard to perfect the monocoque EXO3. Using the technology and wind tunnel testing that has worked so well in our race-winning EC-130 E Aero road bike, we have produced our fastest and most efficient machine yet.


“By fully integrating the bars, stem, head tube and brake we’ve created an extremely efficient, flowing front end,” says ex-UCI pro Burrow, “The integrated brakes are also a step forward for our top TT and Tri frame set.”

Saving every last watt

Every part of the Di2-ready EXO3 has been scrutinised and then trimmed and tuned in our endless quest to save every last watt. Selcof's new Advanced Aero Design cockpit offers full integration and is artfully sculpted in carbon to deliver minimum weight and maximum positional versatility. It’s designed for aggressive yet attainable racing positions.


Fast time trial and triathlon bikes are also very close to the heart of company founder Dave Loughran’s background in racing and so it goes with out saying that we’re all super excited by this new speed machine.


Our pre-launch testing included putting the EXO3 through it’s paces in midweek club ten-mile time trials with former Planet X pro Mark Lovatt on board. Needless to say our sponsored triathletes and riders are really looking forward to getting their hands on this new bike and start notching up the victories around the world.


The EXO3 is race ready for everything from the midweek ten to an Ironman. If you feel the need, the need for speed, then the EXO3 is for you. 


Lead, don’t follow!

EXO3 Geometry

The stack and reach measurements are taken from the top of the headset. 

Stem length= +75mm, stem drop = -10mm.

Tri bars, min stack height 45mm, max stack height 100mm.

27 June 2016

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