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Just In- The latest Products At Planet X July 1st

The EXO3 is finally here. After 12 months of development, sweating over the details, spinning up the fans in the wind tunnel and crunching the numbers on the computer the R&D team has released their latest work of art to the world. If there's one question that the customer service team gets asked more than any other then it has to be this one, "when are you replacing you the Exocet2 ?" Hugely popular on the TT and triathlon scene the Exocet has been our best selling and fastest TT bike for a couple of seasons- well not anymore. The EXO3 is fresh out of the gates and it's quick, quick, quick.

Aero has become the big thing in the past couple of seasons at all levels of cycling and the good news with that is that component manufacturers have tuned into designing gear that works well in the slipstream. A couple of years ago you couldn't get decent direct mount brakes and the idea of being able to have brakes that worked well behind an aerodynamic cowling just wasn't on the cards. Times change and we change with them and that's why the EXO3 is even faster than the Exocet2. We've revised every aspect of the frame design, from frame shape to carbon layup. We've stiffened the BB area, shrunk the frontal area. A totally new full-carbon TT bar has been designed in-house and produced for us by Selcof. With a narrower profile, sleeker tube shapes and a wider range of adjustability it helps make finding your perfect fit easier than ever before. Our new aero stem design slices through the air offering a firm foundation and instant feedback to your steering inputs.

A new seatpost and saddle clamp arrangement have a saved a handful of watts, smoothing out the airflow under the rider and extending the laminar airflow further out the back of the bike. Combined with new frame tube shapes and shorter, tighter tucked seatstays we've eliminated drag from every part of the frame. You might notice that we've kept short lengths of externally routed cables behind the stem, we've done this for good reason. Fully integrated bars are known to have adverse effects on braking and shifting. Convoluted cable routings sap brake power, can cause brake drag during steering and have been known to cause ghost shifting as well. On balance, and given the tiny amount of drag this added back to the bike we choose the simple route. Easier cable routing offers better braking and shifting performance and that equates to more speed on the road. It also makes life easier when you travel, breaking down and reassembling your bike is easier and everything becomes quicker. Sometimes the fastest way isn't the most obvious!

We're working hard with our wheel suppliers to come up with the fastest possible package for the EXO3. We know some of you will have multiple wheelsets to suit prevailing wind conditions so we're working hard on a new line of tri and quin spoked front wheels and deep section front and rear wheels as well as disc rear wheels. The quin-spoke front wheels are already in stock the rest will be available over the coming weeks. Be quick to be quick, we only have limited stock of the EXO3 in this first batch and they land on the 18th of July.

Dave the boss is a huge fan of all things cycling and Italian and whenever he can put to the two together he jumps at the chance. Having found some available production time with the company who paints our Italian frames for us we decided to have a limited edition run of hand painted EC-130E frames made. These frames are prepped, painted and hand finished in Italy to the highest standards. Sure, it costs us more to build them this way, but we're swallowing the price increase and offering them for the usual RRP. Things might be going crazy in the EU at the minute but we're still dedicated to building the best bikes possible built by the most skilled craftsman wherever they might reside.

The DeeDar frames are finally in stock in all colours and we're celebrating by building them up with SRAM's latest entry level 1X groupset. SRAM NX1 has been designed from the ground up to offer all the benefits of their top spec groupsets to the entry-level end of the market. We've ridden NX1 a lot and it's going to find friends much further up the tree than just the entry level.

The DeeDar has been built for taking on the toughest of UK trails, it's a hardtail trail centre beast with long, low and slack geometry that simply eats up the berms and whoops. It's a modern Enduro bike without all the complicated suspension on the back end but still delivering all the fun. Don't take our word for it though it's just been put to test by the boys over at Factory JacksonDo they like it? What do you think... "On One are definitely onto something with the Dee Dar, it’s really refreshing for a company to bring out a bike that is so simple, with great figures, that exudes fun.  This is what mountain biking is about – laughs aloud, on bikes, in the woods with your mates." 

The Kaffenback is back with a new SRAM Rival build. our favourite steel framed do-it-all bike. Training, weekend jaunts or even slapping on some panniers and taking to the roads for a bit of touring. It's an incredibly versatile bike that just keeps on going and a continued best seller.

Last but by no means least Dave has gone back to his roots and bought a bumper load of Powerbar product. We've got huge stocks of their 750ml water bottles and we're knocking them out with two ten packs of Powerbar's excellent electrolyte tablets. Grab them while you can they are on daily deal at the minute at only £2.99

1 July 2016

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