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Jamie's Summer Riding Tips Part 2

Jamie's Summer Riding Tips Part 2

Summer is finally here! Well at least glimpses of it anyway. It’s that time of year we all promise to get out on the bike. Motivated by Chris Froome, the Tour de France and long summer days that allow us extra riding time after work. It’s also so much easier to dress and prepare for your ride compared to the cold , wet winter months of movement restricting, multi layered days in the saddle. Although easier to dress in the summer months, you still need to make some smart choices before hitting the roads. We have prepared some summer bundles to make these decisions easy and set you up for a fun summer of riding.

Never trust the weather

The sun may well be shining when you leave the house, but the UK weather as we all know is to say the least unpredictable. I would always have a set of coolmax arm warmers at hand and a lightweight foldable gillet or rain jacket. Both of these can be folded up and kept in your back pocket if not needed. But you sure will be happy you have them with you, should the weather change mid ride. Likewise, if you are planning a long day out, maybe starting or finishing in cooler temperatures I would also recommend leg warmers. Unlike bib tights these can be slipped off with ease at any time and stored away in your pocket or saddle bag. (I would even tie them around my handle bars if my pockets were full).


The warmer the weather, the more tempted you will be to stay out on the bike and make the most it Soaking up the rays as you go. Lovely! The perfect riding conditions. But also the perfect recipe to come seriously unstuck. Not taking on enough fluid can seriously affect your performance causing dehydration and cramp. Take 2 bottles on your bike with at least one of them containing an electrolyte based drink to help replace essential elements like sodium, magnesium and potassium. On a long hot ride always make sure you have access to water sources along your chosen route. 


As a cyclist, the latest in high fashion eyewear is a must! But looking cool apart, I would always recommend wearing eyewear even on cloudy days. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from bugs and insects. As well as keeping your eyes from watering due to the wind. - Headwear We are all now accustomed to safety helmets forming a standard piece of kit for every bike ride. Modern helmets are now very lightweight and have ample vents to keep you cool even on the hottest days. However one tip would be to wear a cotton cycling cap under your helmet. This stops sweat running into your eyes and keeps the sun off your face.

2 August 2016

Summer Bundles

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