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The Viner Maxima RS Returns

Founded in 1947 is Pistoia, Italy, Viner has been a byword for the finest handmade race bikes for over 50 years; though much has changed during that period the Viner marque remains one of the classic road racing brands. Though Mr Viviano Nerozzi never lived to see Viner produce a carbon frameset we're sure he'd approve of the performance and classic good looks of Viner's current range.

The Viner Maxima has been the Italian brand's flagship model for many years now. The Maxima name stands for the pinnacle of modern bike design, construction, specification, and performance. The Maxima RS 4.0 is, like its forbears, a true professional specification race-ready road bike at the cutting edge of current bike building technology.

The now retired Maxima RS 3.0 version was a tube to tube constructed frame ridden and loved for its ride feel and artisan construction. It was the team bike for the Christina Watches Pro Team during the 2014 season. While you could never accuse it of being a super lightweight in the world of carbon road bikes its impeccable manners and poised handling made it a firm favourite with discerning riders. For 2016 the Viner design team has gone back to the drawing board to assess the benefits of all the different frame construction techniques. Whereas tube to tube construction allows great flexibility in sizing bikes to customer requirements it doesn't lend itself to consistent production quality. For the Maxima RS 4.0, Viner wanted to implement cutting edge construction technologies that would ensure absolute, rock solid consistency from frame to frame to offer their clients, lighter, stronger bikes that were capable of helping them exceed their cycling goals.

The design brief for the Maxima RS 4.0 was uncomplicated but demanding, it had to outperform the RS 3.0 version in every way, enhanced ride compliance from the rear triangle, a stiffer and more efficient pedalling platform and the same poised handling feel . The RS 4.0 also had to include all modern frame and component specification options, weigh less than the 3.0 and had to hit the same or lower price point as the outgoing model.

The R&D team gained invaluable experience in the development of the Viner Mitus 0.6 which used an advanced construction technique for the main triangle where the frame tubes were moulded over a continuous EPS blank. This lost-core process yields a frame of great consistency, eliminating the presence of strength-sapping ripples and voids in the carbon fibre tube walls and allowing you to extract the maximum benefit from more advanced grades of carbon fibre.

For the Maxima RS 4.0, this moulding technique was used for both the front and rear triangle of the bike, we call this new moulding technique Total EPS. In addition to enhanced moulding techniques, the R&D team put numerous carbon fibre blends to test in search of the ideal combination of stiffness, strength and durability. After the production of several sample frames, using different layup schedules, and grades of carbon fibre they settled on a mix of predominantly High Modulus carbon fibre for the main tubes and tube junctions and Intermediate Modulus carbon for all the frame mounts and inserts. Viner's Maxima RS 4.0 frameset is 100% carbon, only the bolt on front mech mount and rear mech hanger has any metal in them. There's a purity of thought and deed that's obvious in the design of the Maxima RS 4.0, especially once you pick one up and handle its smart curves and elegantly tapered tubes.

Computers can only take you so far, the proof lies in countless miles on the road and the R&D team has been through multiple revisions of both geometry and layup schedule in their quest for perfection. The Maxima RS 4.0 has travelled thousands of miles between drawing board and final production sign off.

A thoroughly modern design both in materials, construction and design choices, the Maxima RS 4.0 is ready to take Di2 or SRAM eTAP, it uses a press fit bottom bracket for reduced weight and has plenty of clearance for even the fattest 25mm tyres. The geometry is every bit as modern as the other design choices that define the Maxima RS 4.0. A typically low-slung headtube, gently sloping top tube and short powerful backend ensures that the RS 4.0 offers huge amounts of grip on any road surface and powers up the climbs with explosive acceleration.

Finished in stealthy matt paint with a range of coloured decal options the Viner's new range-topper is a guaranteed head turner. Designed and hand finished in Italy the Maxima RS 4.0 combines artisan bike building skill with modern design specification and construction techniques to create a thoroughbred race bike that's simply a joy to own and ride. Say Hello to the Viner Maxima RS 4.0
Viner Maxima

6 August 2016

Viner Maxima RS 4.0

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