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Ever since the brand was founded in 1991 Titus'  values have always been excitement and quality whilst pushing the boundaries of mountain bike design, so it wasn’t a stretch for our founder and all round bike aficionado Dave Loughran to pick up the baton and run with it when Planet X Bikes purchased the brand back in 2010.
Dave was literally sent to buy a fax machine and came back with something entirely different!!
In the past six years we have taken our responsibilities seriously and now, finally, in 2016 we are all set to re-launch one of the most prestigious MTB brands there ever was, with a new range of bikes that covers almost every aspect of trail and mountain riding carnage.


We wanted to get the re-launch right and design bikes that were exciting and... well cool as , so we enlisted the help of one of the most prolific mountain bike designers in the industry, Jason Faircloth. As a bike designer and engineer Jason has been responsible for some of the world's best-known mountain bike designs.
PIMP’N! (it's pronounced Choo Low ya know)
The first bike to go on sale, as part of the re-launch is the El Chulo
Translated from Spanish to English the literal translation of phrase “El Chulo” means PIMP.
Although… in this instance the bikes name is based on something a little less Gangsta, and a little more innocent. In Mexican/Spanish slang the term is translated to “the cool one”
And the bike is definitely cool. The tubes are lightweight hydroformed 7005 alloy and the bike is finished with a new process that gives it a unique gleaming, metallic finish.


Titus El Chulo
The first iteration of the bike was designed by Jason and the design samples built and shipped to our Sheffield HQ where they were ridden by anyone and everyone who might have an opinion on what a 'fun time' bike should ride like.
XC trails, parks, downhill etc, the bike was ridden everywhere. All reports from every rider were glowing and the bikes second iteration saw us adjust the stand over height and create a more nimble handling frame.
The final sample is the bike we are launching now, with Jason we have built a bike that he would want to ride all day, every day, with his mates in the Marin backcountry and we would want to ride all day, every day with our mates in the Peak District.
To make this even more believable we created two versions of the frame, a 27.5 and a 29er. Both wheel sizes are designed to take a 140mm travel fork and the frames have good tyre clearance, a 12 X 142 rear end, stealth reverb routing and an integrated tapered head tube.


The design process, the testing process, the materials and the specification have made this bike fast, fun and cool. Couple this with our direct-to-market business model and we have developed a bike that will help propel Titus to the heights where it belongs.
The bike is quick, the bike handles superbly, the bike is certainly cool, and… It’s here.
Titus El Chulo

11 August 2016

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