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Light It Up With Our New Jobsworth Lights

The kids have only been back a school a couple of weeks but keen cyclists and committed commuters are already reaching for the bike lights. Last year we introduced our first range of Jobsworth lights, ranging from the small but perfectly formed Capella flashing lights through to our commuter special the Asterion and onwards and upwards to the off-road focussed Night Canon. We’ve kept the best of them in the line-up again for this year and we’ve added some truly remarkable new models that offer serious power per pound, long run times and versatility that’s simply second to none.

This time every year keen cyclists are faced with the same dilemma; ride in the cold and the dark after you get home from work to put in the miles, or switch to riding indoors and pull out the faithful, trusty turbo trainer for another season. For the results focussed rider it’s an easy decision, you can train just as well on a turbo trainer or rollers as you can on the road, and if it’s going to be guaranteed to be bone dry and a balmy 20oC every evening then who needs to go outside where it’s dark, cold and probably wet?

Of course some of us are made out of sterner stuff, we live for the night rides, the deserted tracks and the quiet roads. Some of us can’t wait for the dark nights to draw in so we can strap on multi-thousand Lumen headlights that will permanently blind wild animals at 100 paces and head out and ride. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the road or off-road all we care about is that it’s on the bike, and brilliant bike lights make this possible.

Then there’s the third type of cyclist, neither a racer nor an adventurer. They either don’t own a car or refuse to use it. You’ll find them furtively weaving in between stopped cars as they pull up to every traffic light. You’ll see them darting across the tarmac, jumping red lights, ignoring road markings, video taping the misdeeds of everyone but themselves. Dressed head to toe in day-glo, fluoro and neon, punctuated with the best 3M Scothclite retro-reflective trim details- these knights of the road are the cycling commuter, and do they love bike lights.

Admission time, I fall into the last two groups myself. I’m a keen night rider, both on and off-road and I have a 30 mile round trip commute that I undertake pretty much every day, come rain or shine. I’m also a self-confessed bike light geek. I love their shiny little metal bodies, their O-ring seals, their weather-proofed connectors and waterproof battery packs. I love their multiple illumination modes, the fact that they can run for hours off a single charge and more than anything I love the fact that I can turn night into day with the flick of a switch- or two. I’m a serial collector of bike lights, from lead-acid monsters from the USA to Nicad behemoth’s from Europe right down to overpriced Li-Ion beauties from the UK, I’ve had them all, ridden them all, stored them with insufficient charge over winter and lived to tell the tale.

With all that preamble said and done let’s get down to the nitty gritty business of introducing you to this years cream of the crop from the Jobsworth light range. From button cell flashers to 1000 lumen smashers you’ll find every type of bike light in this years Jobsworth range.


Super bright 0.5 watt LED rear bike light. Powered by 2x AAA batteries (Not Included) you can be sure of getting hours of light from this little blinder. it's the perfect first light for kids and commuters.


The Jobsworth Capella is the perfect light for cyclists who want to be seen. Use it with an additional main beam light such as our Mirzam or Asterion USB front lights for serious night rides.


The Jobsworth Arcturus light set is the next step up from our Capella lights. The Arcturus packs in a brilliantly bright LED and USB rechargeability.


Be safe, be seen with these brilliant USB rechargeable LED lights from Jobsworth. The Avior front and rear lights are simply too bright to be ignored.


Ultra bright dual 0.5 watt LED rear bike light from Jobsworth. USB rechargeable and weatherproofed to survive the British Weather.


With 100 lumens of light output and a 240 degree field of view the Wezen USB rechargeable LED bike light puts its advanced Chip-On-Board technology to good use. And this versatile little fella flashes white or red so it's perfect for use on the front or the back of your bike.


Ultra bright 16 segment COB light. There's commuter lights and then there's the Jobsworth Canopus commuter lights. We've never seen so much illumination packed into such small, be-safe, be-seen style lights. It's blindingly good.


400 Lumen capable, Li-Ion rechargeable front light. The perfect light for commuters and recreational cyclists who need a powerful front light.


USB rechargeable, 500 Lumen front light from Jobsworth. Powerful enough to use as your only front light and still put the cars to shame.

Night Canon

600 Lumens of pure light power, no wonder we call it the Night Cannon. With a huge battery capacity for maximum run times and bullet proof build The Night Cannon is perfect for commuting and off-road riding.


1000 lumens of dazzling light power from an incredibly compact, powerful, and impressively specified CREE XML T6 front bicycle light. Designed to light up the night, the Alhena is perfect for commuting, touring, and off-road riding and it's our top specced Jobsworth light. We should have added something for scale, this really is a tiny light with a huge punch. click on the iage to check it out.

27 September 2016

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