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Cycling Stereotypes- Choosing Your Next Bike

Cycling stereotypes

No two cyclists are identical, we're all different. We might all aspire to be like Froomie, but the simple truth is we're all individuals and as such we all have different requirements on the bike. So with that in mind here's the first part of our cycling stereotypes feature, where we pit our most popular bikes against each other and look to see which is the best, for you, for me, for anybody! It doesn't matter if you're a Guardian reader or a Sunday Sport regular, a carnivorous meat eater or a mung bean muncher our easy to follow guide will help you to the right choice.

Maratona 105 Vs Pro Carbon Ultegra Mix


The obvious place to start is with the groupsets. The Maratona 105 comes fully kitted with Shimano's latest 11-speed 105 groupset. Dressed tip to toe in 105 it offers 11-speed performance for less money than Ultegra. The trade-offs are small, less gloss in finishes, slightly down specified materials and simpler manufacturer processes. Ultimately you lose a little bit of finesse in fit and finish compared to Ultegra and you end up carrying a couple of hundred grams more weight. Go for the 105 option is you're a savvy internet purchaser looking for end-to-end quality at a competitive price.

The Pro Carbon Ultegra Mix features a groupset mostly built Ultegra 6800. We've trimmed back in a couple of locations where the cost saving outweighs the tiny drop in performance as we've worked to deliver the bike under the magic £1k mark. Ultegra 11-speed shifters combine with Ultegra front and rear mechs to deliver pin-point shifting. Shimano's RS500 chainset helps trim the cost without losing much to the more expensive Ultegra and Shimano's BR561 brake calipers complete the groupset. What you get is all the performance of Ultegra shifting backed up with the proven reliability of Shimano's dual pivot brake calipers. Go for the Ultegra mix groupset if you want a taste of the real hi-end where it's needed but know there's always money to be saved somewhere by cutting out the bling.


The Pro Carbon frameset is our longest serving carbon road frame, it has been perfected over years of development and numerous revisions. It's probably the best selling carbon framed bike in the UK over the past five years and it continues to offer matchless value for money. With a versatile compact geometry, the Pro Carbon is suitable for all types of road racing and can even turn its hand to a bit of TT and Triathlon when the need arises. It offers solid dependable performance at a price that won't break the bank and comes with a huge reputation for reliability. Ride the Pro Carbon if you're looking for your first carbon road bike and want an easy to ride bike that will grow with your cycling aspirations.

The Maratona is a recent addition to the PX line-up a perfect step-up for riders coming from their first carbon road bike. Built from high-grade Mitsubishi carbon fibre the frameset weighs a couple of hundred grams less than the Pro Carbon and offers a ride feel that sets it apart from mid-range carbon bikes from other brands. Named after the gruelling Maratona dles Dolomites race our lightest ever Endurance road bike. uses precisely engineered frame compliance and high modulus carbon fibre construction to help you conquer the steepest hills. With confidence inspiring neutral handling and a more comfortable riding position the Maratona rewrites the Sportive bike rule book to help you lead from the front of the pack. Ride the Maratona if you want the performance of a handbuilt race bike with the day-long riding comfort of a Sportive bike.


Both of these bikes rely on Shimano for their wheelsets, and there's not a lot to separate them other than colour. The RS010 and RS01 are versions of the same wheelset. featuring lightweight rims, top quality spokes laced for strength and durability and turning on free-spinning hubs, you couldn't ask for anything more at the price. Both of these wheelsets are ideal for cyclists who want a maintenance free set of wheels that will carry them through their first five thousand miles on the bike and beyond.


So which bike is right for you? Well, that depends on what you want from cycling. If you're relatively new to cycling and looking for your first serious bike then there's an awful lot to like in the Pro Carbon, not least its pedigree and price-busting, component mixing groupset. Many cyclists never grow out of the Pro Carbon and it's easy to see why, it's suitable for all types of riding and can lend its hand to everything from simple recreational rides with the family to your first competitive outings in road racing, time trialling or triathlon. Ride the Pro Carbon if you want the best bang for your buck for most types of cycling with having to spend too much. It's the sensible choice for the cautious cyclist who easily sees through the glossy advertising of mainstream brands.

The Maratona 105 is a natural step up, the groupset might not be as good overall but the frameset offers incredible value for money. It's better suited to more experienced riders who are looking for a lightweight bike of real quality. The high-modulus carbon fibre construction delivers real performance, especially on the climbs when the featherweight frame shines through with every pedal stroke. The Maratona is designed to excel when the road turns skyward and it's tailored to offer armchair like comfort, mile after mile, after mile. Ride the Maratona 105 if you're serious about your cycling and want a fast, efficient and comfortable racer that simply loves to climb. You'll not find a frame of this quality on another bike under £1,000, we know, we've tried. 

5 December 2016


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