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Cycling Stereotypes- Choosing Your Next Bike Pt3

Cycling Stereotypes Pt3

Here's the last pairing in out series of articles on choosing your next bike and frankly, we've saved the best to last. Our best-selling, award-winning titanium cyclocross bike the PickenFlick goes head to head with an unlikely rival our RTD-80 SRAM Rival 11 Hydraulic disc road bike. Pitting a cyclocross bike against a road bike might not seem like a logical pairing, but trust us there's method in this apparent madness.

Let's not forget of course that both of these are Build-It-Yer'sen bikes, they come as a box of bits, ready for assembly and you get to save a few hundred quid over the standard built bike price.

PickenFlick Apex1 Hydraulic Vs RTD-80 SRAM Rival 11 Hydraulic


At first sight, it might seem that there's very little in common between SRAM's Rival 11 groupset and their Apex 1 Hydraulic offering, but you'd be wrong. Though they ultimately fall on opposite sides of the single Vs double front chainring divide they both aim to offer riders the best possible shifting and drivetrain efficiency for their chosen type of cycling.

SRAM Apex 1 is a 1x 11-speed groupset that brings a host of great new features to the party. A single front chainring with 'Narrow-wide' tooth profile ensures chain retention. Add in the extra chain tension that comes from the 'clutch mech' design and you have the best chain security you can ride. SRAM's wide-range cassette give you the maximum gear options for powering up and down the trails, whilst powerful Apex 1 HRD hydraulic brakes give effortless stopping power and great modulation so you can finesse your braking efforts to suit the surface conditions. Apex 1 brings all of SRAM's cutting edge off-road technology to the entry-level trail bike rider. There's an awful lot to love and a lot of new roads to ride.I'll lay my cards on the table, I'm a 1X convert for all my dirty bikes, the ease of use is hard to beat on my Gravel bike and for downhill the chain security and sure shifting is just unbeatable. Those are the same reasons that we specced the Pickenflick with Apex 1X. Add the precise and powerful hydraulic brakes into the mix and it's a sure-fire success on any CX course and even ready to tackle some adventure riding.

Remember when disc brake road bikes were all set to the be the next big thing, then they weren't then they were again? Well, at Planet X we've never given up the flame. Fingertip control and powerful braking with barely any weight penalty- why wouldn't you choose that option for your next bike?

SRAM's Rival 11 groupset offers you a huge range of gears and a narrower step-up between each gear because you have a 2X chainset. It might weigh a little more than a 1x11 set-up, maybe 200 grams, but you have twice as many gears at your disposal to ensure that you always have the perfect gear available for any incline.

Rival 11 also directly benefits from trickle down technology improvements from SRAM's higher end road groupsets, the shifting is lighter and more precise than ever before. In this disc brake equipped version SRAM's Rival, 11 might just be the most versatile road groupset, you can ride.


Titanium Vs Carbon, it's an age-old dilemma as there's so much to like about each material.

For a Cyclocross bike that has adventure bike aspirations titanium is a logical choice. Supple under load to smooth out rough surfaces. Easier to clean than any other material. Rust free for life as well as offering a near perfect blend of strength to weight. There are good reasons why gents of a certain age often turn to titanium; it makes wonderful frames that might well outlast their owner. If you're looking for a capable CX bike that doubles up as an award-winning Gravel/Adventure bike then the PickenFlick can genuinely lay claim to being the bike that defines that category.

The RTD-80 frameset uses a lightweight carbon fibre monocoque construction, focussed on delivering maximum pedalling efficiency and minimum weight. Constructed using our EPS-Inside moulding technology the RTD-80 frame has smoother internal tube surfaces. Fewer wrinkles deliver stronger, more responsive frames that build up into better handling, more efficient bikes.

To Support the added load coming from the hydraulic disk brakes we've beefed up the left-hand chainstay and fork leg. Extra carbon and carefully inset alloy mounting posts help to deliver controlled braking without adding much to the overall weight. The RTD-80 frameset helps unlock the full stopping power of the Rival 11 Hydraulic brakes.


Gipiemme provides their Roccia Equipe 29" wheelset for the PickenFlick and it's a perfect choice. Built as a CX and Gravel bike wheel they are supremely strong, light enough to race and will happily take skinny or knobbly tyres. They're as popular with our regular commuter customers as they are with the CX racers on a budget. Stick your favourite rubber on them and go ride.

The RTD-80 is built with Fulcrum's Racing Sport Disc wheelset. This takes their immensely popular Racing Sport 3 wheelset and adds in a disc brake mount hub set. Low -pro rims, beefed up spokes, easily service cartridge bearings and superbly slick freehub assemblies make this one of our most popular disc brake wheelsets. With a pretty narrow cross section rim, they're ideal for smaller volume tyres and we think at their best with 25mm rubber.


The PickenFlick and RTD-80 are for different types of riding and different types of riders. The PickenFlick has a chameleon-like quality being equally impressive as a cyclocross racer and as a Gravel/Adventure bike. With big mud clearances, it's ideal for any dirty riding and looks the part kitted out with frame and saddle bag ready for a big back-country adventure. If you're a burly man with a beard looking for self-supported riding adventures the PickenFlick could be right up your street, alley, green lane, untarmacked bridleway. The RTD-80 lends itself to fast road riding in all conditions, it's a lighter bike for a lighter rider with a healthy power output. If you corner hard and brake late and push your riding to the limit then we built this with you in mind.

8 December 2016

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