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EC130-E Ultegra Vs Viner Settanta 70th Anniversary

So Much Aero To Choose From?

There's simply no denying the fact that the Aero Road Bike category has been the most hotly contested segment of the bike market for the past couple of years. Everyone is going aero theses days. Of course with a rich pedigree in TT and Triathlon Planet X has been going aero for as long as anyone, and we're pretty damn good at it as well. Out Koichi san track bike is more efficient than the Cervelo T4, Our new five spoke track front wheel is a handful of watts faster than Mavic's top spec £2,800 track five spoke. While our EC130-E Aero Road Bike has just scooped the Cycling Weekly Aero Road Bike of the year award beating off stiff competition from all the big name brands.

So with Aero still the hot topic in cycling performance we thought we'd introduce you to two of the most competitvely priced aero road bike deals available. Both class leaders in their own right and known for amazing value we've cut the price even further- what's the catch? You've got to build It Yer'sen!

Planet X EC130 Shimano Ultegra 6800 Road Bike (Special Build)

The EC130-E is our multi-award winning aero road bike. Built for riding fast, it's simply a rocket on the road. The EC130-E frameset was created to help you slice through the air and extract every last watt of leg power. Advanced computer modelling of frame tube profiles and fluid dynamics has delivered a frameset that not only has a remarkable low drag profile but is also surprisingly light for an aero road bike.

Each EC130E frameset is created with our 'EPS Inside' moulding technology. Main tube frame junctions are laid up over pre-shaped EPS formers. This allows for a more accurate placement of carbon in the mould and helps to eliminate wrinkles inside of the frame to deliver stronger, lighter frames with absolute consistency from frame to frame. Meticulously crafted from Toray's finest T800 IM the EC130-E is the product of rigorous design and inspirational thinking.

Kitted out with Shimano's 11-speed Ultegra groupset for fast, precise shifting and powerful braking the EC130-E offers serious value for money. Vision's Team 35 semi-aero wheelset gets straight to the point, they're light, stiff and remarkably sure footed when shod with these grippy slick tyres. After one short ride you'll know the EC130-E has to be your next fast aero road bike.

Viner Settanta Shimano Ultegra 6800 Road Bike (Special Build)

The Viner Settanta celebrates 70 years of Italian cycling passion and bike building artistry. Crafted with artistic flair and a deep respect for Viner's Italian heritage the Settanta delivers explosive cycling performance and timeless beauty that all cyclists will appreciate with a single glance.

Handcrafted from Toray's finest IM and HM carbon fibres the Settanta uses Position Specific Carbon Construction; placing the optimum grade of carbon fibre to handle the different loads experienced at various locations across the frame. The Settanta is stiffer, stronger and more powerful than you could possibly imagine as a result.

Like the EC130-E it has been kitted out with Shimano's 11-speed Ultegra groupset. Ultegra hits the real sweet spot for price / performance and that's why it's the most popular road groupset that we sell. The looks are timeless and the quality simply flawless. An aero road bike deserves aero wheels and the Settanta 70th Anniversary Special Build comes equipped with Vision's Team 35 clincher wheelset. Strong, light and with obvious aero benefits the Team 35's are the solid dependable wheels that you need.

The Viner Settanta 70th Annivesary is a celebration of 70 years of Italian cycling passion and heritage. Designed in Italy it's a continental take on the aero road bike and a worthy challenger to the EC130-E's crown.

Treat yourself to the new road bike that you've been promising yourself for ages. You're not going to find a better deal than this and they won't be around at this price for long. Go on, live a little, you deserve it.

6 January 2017