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Lust Or Love EC130-E Vs RT-80 pt3

What Do The Riders Think?

When we want opinions on road bikes there's two staff members that we always ask, the old lags, Mark Lovatt and Wayne Randle. Between them, they've dished out more pain, served up more lessons and ruined more cycling careers before they started than just about anyone else north of Watford. Both ex-pro racers who've competed at the highest level, there's nowt these two don't know about bikes; and it just so happens that the Randle is wedded to his EC130-E and Mark spends a fair bit of time aboard an RT-80.

The Legs Of Pain

Wayne and his EC130-E are inseparable, man and machine in perfect harmony. So, we've put him on the rollers at PX HQ and asked him a few question about the EC130-E. What's it like kid? How's it ride kid? How's it sprint kid? Any good up hills kid?

The Considered Opinion

Mark has an opinion on everything, mostly critical, often scathing but always funny. He's put a few miles in on the RT-80 since it was launched, including his 200 mile Leek to Coed Y Brenin (and back) epic last August. So we put him on the rollers as well and asked him the same questions as Wayne.

The Video Truth

So as you can see the RT-80 and the EC130-E polarize opinion, Mark loves the RT-80 and like many people, Wayne still lusts after the EC130-E. They both think they're the best road bike they've ridden, they can't both be right, can they?

27 January 2017

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