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Ti Fighters 8 Titanium Bikes That Are Out Of This World

Nine Masterworks In The Wonder Metal

Planet X and On-One have a rich history with titanium framed bikes. Over the years we've made award-winning titanium Cyclocross bike, XC bikes, trail bikes, road bikes, tourers, disc road bikes and most recently even a titanium Gravel bike. If you've got a titanium itch that simply won't go away then you can scratch it with us.

As frame materials go titanium has some unique properties that set it apart from all other frame building materials. It can be built into frames that are lighter or stronger than steel, it never rusts, it's easily repaired, it can be formed into all manner of tubing shapes, and it looks the biz. We're sure that as many titanium frames are purchased for their good looks as they are for how they perform; at Planet X and On-One, we make sure our titanium bikes fulfil both sets of needs.

Of course, titanium frames don't come cheap, well, not compared to mass produced steel frames. But then again you simply can't compare anything but the very best handbuilt, TIG welded, stainless steel frames with titanium, and those steel frames cost considerably more. For us, titanium inhabits a sweet spot on the price performance curve that no other material can match. Over the years we've had quite a love affair with it, and if sales are any measure of success our customers share our affinity with titanium.

If you want a bike that's built to last the distance and you are looking to add something special to your stable of bikes Then check out the selection of 3Al / 2.5V titanium beauties.

On-One Ti 29er

The latest titanium bike from On-One is the Ti 29er, a fast rolling, trail crushing titanium 29er. Based on our Maccatuskil geometry and tuned for titanium's incredible ride feel the On-One Ti 29er is all about covering ground fast. With the silky smooth ride and handling that only titanium can deliver the Ti 29er is built for riders who want to go fast, carry momentum through every twist and turn.

We've kitted the new Ti 29er with a frame specification that is right on the money. Oversized tapered steerer, double butted main tubes and a squeak free threaded BB. The Ti 29er is fitted with a Stealth Reverb, anything less simply wouldn't do. Add in elegantly tapered rear stays and a 142mm thru axle back end and you have a bike built for UK conditions. Built to ride fast and built to put a huge smile on your face.

On-One Ti 45650b

The 45650b holds a special place in our hearts, it's the heir apparent to the original hardcore hardtail and one of the bikes that On-One's reputation for no-nonsense bikes was built upon. The Titanium 45650b is the finest expression of that concept and it's a thoroughly modern update to the original 456.

The Ti45650b inhabits the land between super technical 26" wheeled bikes and the flat out cross-country ability of big wheeled 29ers. The Ti 45650b is a uniquely British proposition, we'll ride in any weather, any trail, up and down all day long, no uplifts or shuttle runs needed. Kitted with oversized tapered headtube, 12mm rear thru axle, ISCG 05 guide mount and Stealth Dropper routing the Titanium 45650b is bang on trend and right on the money.

Planet X Spitfire, Road Caliper Brake

The best titanium bikes never fail to leave a lasting impression; they are loved by owners the world over for their timeless beauty and striking performance. Hand built in triple butted 3Al/2.5V titanium the Spitfire is the natural evolution of our celebrated Ti-Road Pro. Lightweight and agile, the Spitfire might just be the last road bike frame you'll ever need.

Titanium's versatility shines through time after time. As a frame building material, it is beyond reproach. Light and strong in equal measure it lends itself to agile road bikes of peerless quality, and that's what the Spitfire represents in spades. Designed by UK master frame builder Mark Riley the Spitfire has racey frame angles that take their geometry cues from our award-winning EC130-E aero road bike.

Planet X Tempest, Titanium Gravel Adventure

The Planet X Tempest is our first dedicated, titanium Gravel Adventure bike. Handbuilt from 3Al/2.5V titanium it features generous tyre/mud clearances, disc brakes for ultimate stopping power and mudguard and pannier mounts that let you ride anywhere and explore everywhere.

Gravel Adventure bikes are packed with versatility, with larger grippier tyres and frame fit bags attached its an off-road mud hound, fit high volume, fast rolling touring tyres for a supremely capable workhorse or run it with slicks for some fast road riding. However and wherever you use your Tempest you are assured of a superbly handling, impeccably well-mannered bike that is simply a joy to ride.

Planet X Hurricane, Titanium Audax Disk

UK Master Framebuilder Mark Reilly has created a whole new squadron of finely honed titanium frames, the Hurricane is the first disc brake equipped road bike in the line-up. Ready for adventures on the road the Hurricane is designed to eat up the miles in total confidence. With powerful disk brakes, space for mudguards and plenty of tyre clearance it is supremely versatile and uniquely suited to epic bike rides whatever the time of year.

Built around a comfortable geometry that harks back to the golden days of Audax racing the Hurricane doesn't trade outstanding comfort for performance. Frame tube profiles and butting have been finessed to maximise the comfort on offer. If modern carbon bikes leave you cold perhaps it's time you tried some hot metal?

Planet X Typhoon, Titanium Cyclocross

The Planet X Typhoon sits alongside the PickenFlick at the top table of titanium cyclocross frames. Designed by master frame builder Marc Reilly and created from agile and responsive triple butted 3Al/2.5V titanium the Typhoon is seriously fast. Fitted with disc brakes and with grippy tyres you'll be pushing the Typhoon hard into every bend.

The Typhoon stands as a testament to the frame builder's art. Titanium has a justly deserved reputation as a wonder metal and the performance that we've been able to extract from the Typhoon is simply stunning. Agile, efficient and comfortable in equal measure it's a seriously competitive cyclocross bike that will be making its presence known on CX courses all over Europe.

Planet X Meteor, Titanium Road Disc

Titanium brings a touch of luxury to the humble bicycle, though there's nothing humble about our new disc brake equipped Meteor. Hand built by Master Framebuilder Mark Reilly the agile and surefooted Meteor instills confidence in every turn.

UK Master Framebuilder Mark Reilly has created a whole new squadron of finely honed titanium frames, the Meteor represent his assault on the disc brake equipped road bike crown. Ready for action on the road the Meteor shares geometry with the racier Spitfire but softens things off by half a degree here and there. In terms of riding position and pedaling efficiency, they are indeed blood brothers. The Meteor offers a comfortable ride for the committed cyclist who doesn't want the 100% road race experience.

On-One Pickenflick, Titanium Cyclocross Gravel

The Pickenflick is our Titanium-framed cyclocross and multi-purpose bike. With intelligent geometry and refined frame design features, the Pickenflick has won numerous awards - Road.C.C. awarded it their 'Bike of The Year' in the Adventure / Gravel category.

Titanium is known for its timeless beauty, durability and exquisite ride characteristics. Combine that with incredible lightweight and shock-absorbing properties and you can see why the Pickenflick is ideal as a fast off-road bike with the spirit of adventure. Paired with a hand-crafted Toray T800 full carbon fork with huge mud clearance and disc brakes, the Pickenflick is one class-act that you NEED to ride. Other 'lesser' branded bikes are not the same; you deserve the finest - the Ti Pickenflick.

Titus Fireline, Mid-Travel Titanium Trail Bike

Titanium has a deserved reputation as a wonder material, and rightly so. No other metal comes close to offering the same mix of stiffness, light weight, high strength and timeless good looks. Handmade from cold drawn and formed frame tubes the Fireline Evo uses the latest frame shaping technology to distil down to what every rider needs. Precise handling, confidence inspiring control and maximum pedaling efficiency. The Titus Fireline Evo offers them all in spades.

Built around a capable 120mm travel fork the Fireline is our ultimate 29er trail bike. Bigger wheels roll faster and eat up small trail obstacles. Recent tests even show that a 29er wheel climbs faster than a smaller wheel. If you love what a lightweight mountain bike offers and desire a bike crafted with real pride and then you'll find the next bike for you in the Titus Fireline Evo.

No matter what type of riding you do we've got a titanium bike to suit. If you're hankering after a classy new bike that'll ride, feel and look as good in a decade as it does today then the choice is obvious- titanium all the way.

31 January 2017


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