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Love V Lust Part 4 - You Decide

Love V Lust Part 4 - You Decide

The debate has been raging now for 4 weeks. Love the RT-80 or Lust after the EC-130E.

Which are you? A straight-up cyclist who looks to the hills of dreams of long weekends spent riding in the Alps. The sort of cyclist who thinks nothing of putting in hundreds of miles and doesn't consider a weekend complete until you've smashed out a century. If that's you then the RT-80 is your natural partner; light, efficient and easy to ride, it's perfect for the cyclist who puts down serious mileage.

If you're the other type of rider, a racer, club rider, with a competitive edge and simply can't think of giving away any advantage to the guys that you ride with and race against then the EC130-E is the bike for you. Sleek, fast, fully aero with a watt saving frameset and the most efficient pedaling platform we've ever ridden. It's even mopped up the awards, winning numerous grouptests and Cycling Weekly's "Aero Road Bike of The Year".

Week 1 we detailed both bikes stats

In Week 2 showed what the Magazines and press thought of each bike to help you make your mind up.

In week 3 Legends of British Road Racing Wayne Randle and Mark Lovatt went head to head

Now you Decide!

1 February 2017

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