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Bottle Box Bundles- Emergency Tool Kits

Bottle Box Bundles- Emergency Tool Kits

Tankita Bottle Box Bundles

If you're a regular cyclist then you know that when it comes to carrying the essential items that you might need during a ride that you have a couple of options. You can weigh down the back pockets of your jersey with a selection of tools, tubes and repair kit. You can squeeze your essential items into a saddle bag, or you can fit them into a bottle cage mounted tool box. Here are three sets of emergency kit from three members of the PX team, Jamie, Mark and Simon based around Tankita's excellent 750ml Bottle Box.

Jamie's Tankita Bottle Box Bundle

Former Pro-rider, Junior World Champ and now head designer at Planet X, Jamie Burrow has had a varied and glittering career. When he's not shaping and refining new bikes for PX he's working on our accessory and clothing lines. A true polymath when it comes to design he has an eye for a sharp design and a love of the practical. Here's what he packs into his Bottle Box for each and every ride.

Mark's Tankita Bottle Box Bundle

Mark Lovatt is a legend in the UK bike scene, a former pro rider, international and multiple Tour of the Peaks winner he's done more miles on a bike than anyone we can think of and his knowledge of bike design and specification is encyclopedic. If Mark doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing. We're not sure that Turkish Delight is going to knock the humble Powerbar off the top step of in-ride food favourites, but each to their own. Here's what Mark takes with him on every ride.

Simon's Tankita Bottle Box Bundle

Simon's our content guy, he puts the words around the products and he looks after On-One as well. He's a five days a week commuter, racking up 150 miles just on the daily grind back and forth from his home on the edge of the Peak District and PX towers. During the week you'll find him plugging away on a Bish Bash Bosh, mixing up a 50/50 blend of road and towpath. At the weekend you'll find him on his XC rig ripping up the Peak. Here's what he brings with him on his daily commute.

You can save yourself a packet with any of these Bottle Box Bundles. If you think you can do a better job of it yourself put together your own bundle, we've got tools, spares, and accessories for every bike and every situation. How much can you squeeze into your Bottle Box Bundle?

9 February 2017

Tankita Bottle Box Bundles

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