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Sneaking Another Bike Into The Collection

We all know that the optimum number of bikes in any keen cyclist's stable in N+1 (where N= the number of bikes you currently have). Face up to it, there's always room for one more bike in your life- even if there's not the same space for it in your significant other's life.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way. You can kill two or more birds with one stone and we're here to show you how. If your stable contains an old hack bike or two you can trim the trash a little and replace them with a big bold and supremely versatile Gravel /Adventure bike, or a CX bike that also doubles up as a great commuter.


Maybe you have an old CX bike that's long in the tooth, an odd frame geometry, aged and feeble canti brakes and threadbare alloy rims that are thinner than a KitKat wrapper. You can't do anything else with it, there is no space for mudguards, you can't fit disc brakes to it and frankly, it's seen better days. If you still have dreams of doing a bit of CX in your heart then you could move on up to an XLS.

A carbon frame and fork, cutting edge geometry and decked out with a selection of drivetrain, powerful disc brakes and finishing kit that puts it leagues ahead of the competition. With options for 2X and 1X drivetrains from SRAM and Shimano, there's an XLS out there for every rider. You can even clip some mudguards on, and run it with 28mm tyres to tackle the daily commute, saving the knobby tread for the weekend.

If you want to replace like for like and stick with an alloy frame then you'll find the new XLA right up your street. Designed around the XLS geometry and featuring a carbon bladed fork the XLA offers the performance and price of an alloy frame in the tried and tested handling package of our carbon XLS cyclocross bike. Run them with knobby on for racing at the weekend and swap over to high volume slicks for easy commuting during the week.

Gravel / Adventure

Gravel bikes didn't exist a few years ago; zippy on tarmac like a fast hybrid, comfortable on tracks and trails and capable of load hugging like an old fashioned tourer. We're big fans of Gravel / Adventure bikes at Planet X (I couldn't live without my Bish Bash Bosh). If you have an old hybrid lying round, a rusty tourer that gets no love, maybe an old XC bike that's seen better days; do you know what? You could replace all of them with one bike!

If you like the idea of a full carbon frameset and a bike with modest tyres that you can ride anywhere you'd take an XC MTB, but still rips on the road with some semi-treads of high volume slicks then you'll love the Bish Bash Bosh. (Admission time, I haven't touched my 3k road bike since I got mine). The 'Bish Bash Bosh' is our ultimate Adventure bike. Like the name suggests, this bike is super-tough and ready to explore the world whatever the terrain. Leading the way in Adventure / Gravel Bike research and design, the Bish Bash Bosh incorporates high-end refinements to ensure you get a class-leading bike.

Expertly hand-crafted using Toray T800 carbon fibre, the Bish Bash Bosh frame is engineered for strength, whilst still allowing for calculated compliance to soak up the rough-stuff. From concept to creation, the 'Bosh has benefitted from our years of experience making award-winning bikes. Combining intelligent geometry with modern manufacturing processes we bring you a superbly versatile disc brake-equipped do-it-all bike - now you have improved lever modulation (feel) and powerful braking in any weather. The Bish Bash Bosh is the most dependable and adventurous bike we've ever made. The Bish Bash Bosh does have one limitation though, it tops out at a 38mm tyre.

If you want to go one step further than the B.B.Bosh then you'll need the Strada Bianca and its 40mm tyre swallowing frameset. The Strada Bianca is a class-act and brings Viner's expert frame design and craftsmanship to the off-road bike sector. Adventure bikes (also known as Gravel Road bikes in the USA) intelligently combine the best features of tourers, cyclocross and XC mountain bikes. Viner's Strada Bianca is a fine example of how to make a do-it-all adventure bike work. A full carbon Toray T700 frameset featuring mudguard mounts and big tyre clearance makes the Strada Bianca a serious utility bike. Viner has taken geometry cues from comfortable road bike designs and incorporated top-level drivetrains with hydraulic disk brakes for all-season riding. Now there's nothing to hold you back from a lifetime of adventure. Trade in those old bikes for something better.

If carbon seems like too much of an ask and you think you'll only be able to squeeze an alloy bike into the harem then you should really look at the Full Monty. The Full Monty is our first aluminium framed Gravel Adventure bike. Like the Bish Bash Bosh the Full Monty is ready to tackle any type of riding, from long cross-country adventures to backpacking across continents all the way down to weekend family rides and the daily commute. The Full Monty is designed for the adventurous cyclists who wants one bike that can simply do it all.

Designed with a carbon bladed fork with big tyre clearance and plenty of space for front and rear mudguards as well as rear pannier racks The Full Monty is the true pack-horse of the Planet X line-up. Built to take powerful hydraulic disk brakes and able to work with 1X or multi-chainring drivetrains there's nothing that The Full Monty can't tackle.


If none of these light your candle then maybe our last offering will put the smile on your face. The London Road was the original and still the best Super Commuter. Fast road, cyclocross, touring and the daily drag, the London Road can do it all.

The London Road bike is a Jack-of-all-trades, but not a cliché. It's a new take on functionality and a welcome break from convention. With a lightweight and tough alloy frame, it gives a responsive and reassuring ride. Designed to take wide tyres, mudguards and panniers, The London Road is a multi-purpose workhorse that's just as capable on the cyclocross circuit as it is on the road. Intelligent slightly relaxed geometry makes the London Road easy to handle, which means it's ideal for the urban jungle and exploring muddy byways. Featuring disc brakes, you also get powerful and consistent braking far superior to conventional rim brakes. If you're new to discs, you'll be amazed at the lever modulation (feel) and sheer power in any weather conditions. The London Road covers many cycling disciplines and aces them all.

Here's The Truth Though

You shouldn't need an excuse to add a bike to your collection, as long as you're paying for it and the kids aren't starving to death why shouldn't you add a new bike? If you've already agreed that it's one in, one out, then what better reason can you have for shifting some old stock then buying a new more versatile bike to free up some space. If you have a garage full of old bikes, rusty projects that you'll never get back into usable condition then you know what to do. Bite the bullet and add +1 to N

9 February 2017

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