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The Banjo Brothers are in the House

The Banjo Brothers have been making their range of bags and panniers since 2003 and are now one of the newest product ranges exclusively in the UK through Planet X. So who are the Banjo Brothers? Formed by Mike and Eric they test all their own products and like any proponent of the N+1 philosophy, they have a garage full of bikes.

With a name like Banjo Brothers, you’d expect 2 things to be obvious but neither of them plays the Banjo and they aren’t brothers. They do make a great range of cycling bags and panniers though. Check them out below.

Banjo Brothers Backpacks

Backpacks from Banjo Brothers

Messenger bags can slip around on your back due to the single strap, they might be the ultimate minimal option but a rucksack style bag with twin shoulder straps holds a load better and doesn't dig into your waist. The Banjo Brothers backpacks are great bags for cyclists. Available with waterproof liners and built from ballistic nylon these bags are tough as old boots- but smell a whole lot nicer.

Pannier Bags and Racktop Bags

Panniers and Racktop Bags from Banjo Brothers

Bags built for the long haul. When you're heading off the beaten track or traveling cross country pannier bags become the obvious choice for hauling your precious cargo. Sturdy frame mounts make these bags some of the best you can buy and they even do a convertible pannier-rucksack model.

Barrel and Seat Bags

Banjo Brothers Barrel and Seat bags

Tough compact bags that mount directly to your bike, no frames or racks required. The Banjo Bros saddle bag range covers all needs from the compact road racers to the seasoned tourer. And of course, if you want to haul more than just ass their larger barrel bags are perfect for the job.

More Great Bags from Banjo Brothers

Bags for every need from Banjo Brothers

Utility bags for electronic gear, essentials for adventurous cyclists. Banjo Bros have every type of bike bag you could need, and a few more besides. Dive in today.

9 May 2017

The Banjo Brothers

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