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Twofish Friday

It’s Twofish Friday here at Planet X, we’ve just got delivery of Twofish cycle mounts.. and fish and chips twice. 

Twofish Friday
The Twofish mounts are excellent for carrying those essentials that you don’t have the mount for, or if your frame is too small to mount items to it.
You know what it’s like. You’ll hook a shackle lock over your handlebars, or grip onto your item with one hand and ride your bike one handed. It’s one of those things that starts out as a great idea until you realise that you chipped and scratched the paint off your bars with the lock, or you become unbalanced and crash. I can only speak from experience.. Twofish have you covered for mounting: pumps, bottles, torches and locks to your bike. 
Not got any bottle cage mounts, or want to mount an extra bottle cage on your bike? They do a universal Velcro mount to get an extra one on your bike, pretty neat! 
Order now and get 15% off until Monday 17/7/2017, using promo code: PRTWOF15H 
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14 July 2017

Twofish Products

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