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New Rucksacks In Stock!!

A rucksack is probably one of the most important items to take with you if you’re travelling any amount of distance, or commuting on your bicycle. You can put all your essential items in there: tools, spare tube, pump, change of clothes, lunch, drink, laptop.. the list goes on. Not only is having a bag important, but having the correct bag will give you the best experience and add to the pleasure of riding a bike.

We’ve just got all of the following new rucksacks in stock and we’ve really thought about the features that we wanted in each one. We're really excited about these, so why not take a look and find your next rucksack:

Planet X 365X Race Pack (BUY HERE)

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A truly great cycling bag and the best choice for anybody wanting to pack for such as a triathlon, bike race or even a gym day. This has a 40L capacity so there’s plenty of space for your sports gear and it’s perfect to fit in most airline carry on compartments. We fitted an external cargo net for your helmet and a compartment in the bottom allows for a change of shoes. 

Cycling bike bag planet x
Cycling bike bag planet x

Carnac Echappe Tour Bag (BUY HERE)

Cycling bike bag planet x
The new Carnac Chappe tour bag is the ideal choice for cycling weekends away from home and casual looks mean that it’s elegant and practical, perfect even for family or non cycling related trips.
It has a 56L capacity that means you’ll get all the kit in that you need, and has large pockets to separate your dirty kit from your clean change of clothes. A small inside pocket is great for your passport, phone or wallet as it’s quickly accessible, yet safe.  A big self-contained pocket on the side to separates dirty and clean clothes, and the front pocket is perfect for other essentials. 

bicycle tour bag kit shoes helmet
Bicycle bag rucksack

Planet X 365X Commuter Pack (BUY HERE)

Planet X commuter Fluorescent ruck sack back pack
As the name suggests, this is for all the commuters out there. It’s florescent yellow and has lots of reflective panels to make you seen by other road users, vital to your safety.
The 365X Commuter Pack has a 30L capacity, which means that you can put in  a change of work clothes, your lunch and other essentials such as your laptop and other electrical items. It has a compartment on top for your sunglasses and the front pocket allows for other small essentials that you might want to take with you, with an attachment to prevent you from losing your keys. How handy!

Cycling bike bag planet x
Cycling bike bag planet x


Carnac Echappe Race Pack (BUY HERE)

back pack carnac casual daily rucksack commute best
Light is fast, and that’s exactly what the Carnac Chappe Race Pack is about. It has a 20L capacity which is perfect for putting your race gear in, however its casual appearance make it perfect to use as a rucksack for all purposes.
This is a super simplistic bag for those who don’t want bulk, however has all the compartments that you’d need for your essentials. The big pocket on the front Is perfect to put your essential items in for quick and easy access. It also has two side mesh pockets for such as gloves, glasses or a bottle. 

Cycling bike bag planet x
Cycling bike bag planet x

Planet X Day Pack (BUY HERE)

fluro high hi vis Fluorescent back pack ruck sack helmet net
Another pack designed with commuters or day packers in mind. Fluorescent yellow with reflective panels make you seen and safe. It has a mesh net to store your helmet, which can be tucked away neatly when not in use. One of my favourite features of this bag is the insulated pocket, which will keep your lunch nice and cool! 

Cycling bike bag planet x
Cycling bike bag planet x

It has a 30L capacity which is perfect to pack your essentials and electronic items for work, with a laptop pocket at the back.

Laptop sleeve compartment bag

All of these fantastic bags are now available on our website, all with an introductory discount!! Which of these will be your new bag?

25 July 2017

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