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Inbred Is Dead

The Inbred Is Dead!

Join Craig and shed a tear for your favourite steel hardtail. The bike that defined a genre and defied, even more, is gone. After nearly fifteen years on the books at On-one towers, we are finally retiring the venerable Inbred. 26 really is dead as we say goodbye to the last 26" wheeled bike in the On-One line-up. We're not saying 26" will never make a comeback, you know that we truly love a cycling niche. Following it to a muddy hole in the ground is the single speed 29er; a bike that still continues to sell well to the hardcore faithful.

Why are we killing them off you ask? Well, that's obvious. We're taking a fresh look at the On-One line-up, right across the range. Some will stay, some will go. A few have already been replaced by brilliant new bikes and a few more are due for a serious refresh soon. We'll be coming to back to the Inbred design in the new year, refreshed and revised for dropper posts, redesigned with bigger and better headtube and tyre clearances for more modern tastes. Will they continue to be solid, utterly dependable, fun time bikes? Of course, they will, that's what we do best.

So fill your boots and grab one while you can. If you have a bunch of shed parts just crying out for a build then there's never been a better, or cheaper time, to buy an Inbred frame. If on the other hand, you fancy something fresher, we'll have something steel to tickle your fancy in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

The Inbred is dead, long live the Inbred.

25 October 2017

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