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The Best Just Got Better

The Best Just Got Better Our RT58 Tiagra bike is currently on offer at an industry-defying £499.99.  That is stupendous value - the bikes are in stock and ready for immediate despatch. It's without question the best specced and best value Aluminium Tiagra bike on the market, its nailed on for the winter roads when you might want to give your "best" bike a respite. 
Well, the best just got better - we have 100 bikes left to clear and to get them out of the door before the end of November so we can hit our sales targets and have a decent Christmas party. We have decided to chuck in a bundletastic smorgasbord of 20 pertinent products to help you through the winter months.  Buying this bike and bundle not only gets you a bargain it gets us an extra mince pie. 

What's Included in the bundle

1. Zefal's wonderful tool bottle to carry your spares. 
2. A Zefal sense water bottle, chuck out that minging mold infested monstrosity you've been poisoning yourself with and get a new bottle. 
3. Weldtites rather nice anniversary repair kit, use it yourself or fob it off as a token Christmas present to that annoying cousin. 
4. Team Carnac Beanie, our patented hats are great if you put it on your head it will keep your head warm. 
5. Planet X Under Helmet Cap - put it on your head under your helmet and keep your head warm
6. Team Carnac Double Wheel Bag - we sell thousands of these and they have been used by team GB at the Athens Olympics and Brant used to use one instead of a suitcase when we used to go to China. They are round and they're surprisingly useful and certainly easy to spot on an airport carousel.
7. Phaart Strap-on Front Light - stick it on the front of your helmet press a button and it flashes.  
8. Phaart SBD Pump - it puts air in your tyres or give it to your annoying uncle at Christmas. 
9. Phaart Bone Head Red LED Light - stick on the back of your helmet and press the button and it flashes, alternatively give it to your annoying nephew - he will love it and his parents will know it cost you zipped too dah. 
10. Ziplock PVC Wallet - great for your phone but even better for fig rolls, no one likes soggy fig rolls. 
11. Steel Bike Hanger Rack - these are great, hang up your bike out the way. 
12. Retractable Cable Lock - the pick of the bundle.
13. Full Monty Chain Cleaner - our new all multipurpose spray. 
14. Canopus Rear Light - our best-selling rear light, don't give this to anyone keep it. 
15. Canopus Front Light - as above.
16 and 17. 2 Jobsworth Bottle Cages - they are cages for bottles and go on your bike. 
18. Enzos Button Hole Cream - love it lube it, keep the saddle sores at bay. 
19. Carnac Neck Tube - keep the winter winds out by putting it around the collar of your jacket. I personally think they look stupid but better than a cold draught down your jacket.
20. 365X Wrapper Cycling Glasses - ANSI Z87.1 is the highest safety standard for sunglasses, put in the clear lenses for when its winter, but importantly put in the yellow lenses for when you need cheering up. This is actually top-quality eyewear - sports eyewear is not only for summer, clear lenses for riding and yellow lenses when you’re feeling fed up - trust me, try it.

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9 November 2017

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